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UK miscellaneous

A collection of UK miscellaneous images

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places/antarctica/small building cape azoia sesimbra
Small building on the cape beyond Azoia and Sesimbra
#media dmcs-1612481
various/uk miscellaneous/pheasant shooting hampshire
Pheasant shooting in Hampshire
#media dmcs-1612539
various/uk miscellaneous/guns wait sunshine pheasant shoot october
Guns wait in the sunshine at a pheasant shoot in October
#media dmcs-1612499
various/uk miscellaneous/clumber spaniels watch dogs benches
Clumber Spaniels watch dogs by the show benches
#media dmcs-1612603
various/uk miscellaneous/working english springer spaniel got wet
Working English Springer Spaniel that has got wet
#media dmcs-1612535
various/uk miscellaneous/boy crkt peck knife cuts wild chanterelle
Boy with a CRKT Peck knife cuts a wild Chanterelle mushroom
#media dmcs-1612555
various/uk miscellaneous/trees fog hambledon hill
Trees in fog on Hambledon Hill
#media dmcs-1612523
various/uk miscellaneous/guns beaters dogs walk drive
Guns, beaters and their dogs walk to another drive
#media dmcs-1612549
various/uk miscellaneous/river stour flooding meadows sturminster
The River Stour flooding across meadows by Sturminster
#media dmcs-1612521
various/uk miscellaneous/frost teazle seed heads mist rises off millpool
Frost on teazle seed heads as mist rises off the millpool
#media dmcs-1612489
various/uk miscellaneous/feathers frost window frosty morning
Feathers of frost on a window on a frosty morning
#media dmcs-1612613
various/uk miscellaneous/contestant owners nap
Contestant and owners take a nap
#media dmcs-1612611
various/uk miscellaneous/shelves large soft toy dogs
Shelves full of large soft toy dogs
#media dmcs-1612609
various/uk miscellaneous/heelwork music class contestants
Heelwork to Music class contestants
#media dmcs-1612607
various/uk miscellaneous/dog breeders chat pointer benches
Dog breeders chat by the Pointer show benches
#media dmcs-1612605
various/uk miscellaneous/clumber spaniel ignores action ring
Clumber Spaniel ignores the action in the show ring
#media dmcs-1612601
various/uk miscellaneous/french woman owner american cocker spaniel
French woman owner with her American Cocker Spaniel
#media dmcs-1612599
various/uk miscellaneous/man running english setter paces
Man running with his English Setter to show its paces
#media dmcs-1612593
various/uk miscellaneous/woman running english setter paces
Woman running with her English Setter to show its paces
#media dmcs-1612591
various/uk miscellaneous/backlit contestants english setter group
Backlit contestants in an English Setter Group
#media dmcs-1612589
various/uk miscellaneous/mother son
Mother and son
#media dmcs-1612585
various/uk miscellaneous/max bryan select fly fly box
Max and Bryan select a fly from a fly box
#media dmcs-1612577
various/uk miscellaneous/max watches bryan tie fly sinking line
Max watches Bryan tie a fly into a sinking line
#media dmcs-1612575
various/uk miscellaneous/scottish midges feed bare hand
Scottish midges feed on a bare hand
#media dmcs-1612573
various/uk miscellaneous/max leaps clump heather scottish river valley
Max leaps over a clump of heather in a scottish river valley
#media dmcs-1612571
various/uk miscellaneous/max cap wild chanterelle mushrooms
Max with his cap full of wild Chanterelle mushrooms
#media dmcs-1612569
various/uk miscellaneous/tweed cap wild chanterelle mushrooms scotland
A tweed cap full of wild Chanterelle mushrooms, Scotland
#media dmcs-1612567
various/uk miscellaneous/max gathers wild chanterelle mushrooms puts
Max gathers wild Chanterelle mushrooms, and puts them in a tweed cap
#media dmcs-1612559
various/uk miscellaneous/paige displays muddy pink jacket
Paige displays her muddy pink jacket
#media dmcs-1612551
various/uk miscellaneous/river foam
River foam
#media dmcs-1612545
various/uk miscellaneous/mallard ducks drakes river foam
Mallard ducks and drakes amongst river foam
#media dmcs-1612543
various/uk miscellaneous/foam river stour sturminster newton
Foam on the River Stour at Sturminster Newton
#media dmcs-1612541
various/uk miscellaneous/youth beating working english springer
Youth out beating with two working English Springer
#media dmcs-1612537
various/uk miscellaneous/morning november grass covered spiders webs
One morning in November the grass was covered with spiders webs
#media dmcs-1612531
various/uk miscellaneous/frost golden hazel leaf like christmas bauble
Frost on a golden hazel leaf, like a christmas bauble
#media dmcs-1612529
various/uk miscellaneous/frost forms open spaces wood trees
Frost forms in open spaces in the wood while the trees
#media dmcs-1612525
various/uk miscellaneous/autumn fall new forest
Autumn, Fall in the New Forest
#media dmcs-1612515
various/uk miscellaneous/nodding donkey oilfields badlands sourthern texas
Nodding Donkey oilfields in the Badlands of Sourthern Texas
#media dmcs-1612513
various/uk miscellaneous/patterns irrigated agriculture southern texas
Patterns of irrigated agriculture in southern Texas
#media dmcs-1612511
various/uk miscellaneous/oilfields nodding donkeys irrigated agriculture
Oilfields of nodding donkeys with irrigated agriculture in southern Texas
#media dmcs-1612509
various/uk miscellaneous/new yorker crown graphic press camera outside
New Yorker with his Crown Graphic Press Camera outside
#media dmcs-1612507
various/uk miscellaneous/coarse fishermen fishing weir sturminster
Two Coarse Fishermen fishing at the weir by Sturminster
#media dmcs-1612503
various/uk miscellaneous/7 year old drew helps beating pheasant shoot hampshire
7 year old Drew helps with the beating on a pheasant shoot in Hampshire. England
#media dmcs-1612497
various/uk miscellaneous/helen karen beat bracken cold misty morning
Helen & Karen beat through the bracken on a cold misty morning
#media dmcs-1612493
various/uk miscellaneous/karen beats bracken cold misty morning pheasant
Karen beats through the bracken on a cold misty morning, during a pheasant shoot
#media dmcs-1612491
various/uk miscellaneous/sweet chestnuts spikey casings
Sweet Chestnuts still in their spikey casings
#media dmcs-1612487
various/uk miscellaneous/village shroton early morning mist
The village of Shroton in early morning mist
#media dmcs-1612485
various/uk miscellaneous/man running english setter paces
Man running with his English Setter to show its paces
#media dmcs-1612597
various/uk miscellaneous/man running english setter paces
Man running with his English Setter to show its paces
#media dmcs-1612595


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