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places/svalbard/female polar bear climbs sea ice floe
Female Polar Bear climbs out of the sea onto an ice floe
places/svalbard/polar bear defecates near seal partially eaten
Polar bear defecates near a seal it has partially eaten Nelson Oya
places/svalbard/brunnichs guillemots ledges alkefjellet
Brunnich's Guillemots on ledges at Alkefjellet
places/svalbard/bust lenin bright wooden apartment block
Bust of Lenin and bright wooden apartment block in
places/svalbard/town longyearbyen mountains seen old coal dock
The town of Longyearbyen and the mountains beyond seen from the old coal dock
places/svalbard/snow trac vehicle parked summer small
Snow-trac vehicle parked up for the summer by a small
places/svalbard/houses industrial archaeology
Houses and Industrial archaeology
places/svalbard/kroa outside tables downtown longyearbyen
The Kroa with its outside tables in downtown Longyearbyen
places/svalbard/brightly coloured wooden homes shopping centre
Brightly coloured wooden homes by the shopping centre
places/svalbard/brightly coloured homes midnight longyearbyen
Brightly coloured homes at midnight in Longyearbyen Spitsbergen
places/svalbard/spectacular mountain scenery hornsund fjord
The spectacular mountain scenery of Hornsund Fjord, Spitsbergen
places/svalbard/brightly coloured buildings longyearbyen main
Brightly coloured buildings in Longyearbyen the main
places/svalbard/bathroom bedroom basecamp
The bathroom to a bedroom at Basecamp
places/svalbard/bedroom looking like trappers hut rough wood
Bedroom looking like trappers hut with rough wood
places/svalbard/bright comfortable lounge basecamp
The bright and comfortable lounge in Basecamp
places/svalbard/lightbulb hurricane lamp
Lightbulb in a hurricane lamp
places/svalbard/2b high longyearbyen gives excellent view valley
Mine 2b high above Longyearbyen gives an excellent view of the valley
places/svalbard/frost shattered stone 2 longyearbyen
Frost shattered stone by the mine #2 Longyearbyen
places/svalbard/old residential blocks
The old residential blocks
places/svalbard/wooden homes hillside longyearbyen
Wooden homes on the hillside in Longyearbyen
places/svalbard/distinctive white bear black background
The distinctive White bear on a black background that
places/svalbard/cook toast latest creation passengers crew
The cook toast his latest creation and the passengers and crew
places/svalbard/dinner main mess cabin stockholm
Dinner in the main mess cabin on the Stockholm
places/svalbard/main mess cabin stockholm tables laid dinner
The main mess cabin on the Stockholm, with the tables laid for dinner
places/svalbard/tourists zodiac watch waterfall tumble
Tourists in a zodiac watch a waterfall tumble
places/svalbard/tour guide zodiac visitors reflection
Tour guide in a zodiac full of visitors with a reflection
places/svalbard/tour guide explains glaciers zodiac visitors
Tour guide explains glaciers to a zodiac full of visitors to Spitsbergen
places/svalbard/kittiwake lands small piece ice
Kittiwake lands on a small piece of ice with another
places/svalbard/raft black guillemots water near glacier
Raft of Black Guillemots on the water near a glacier
places/svalbard/black guillemot stretches wings sits water
Black Guillemot stretches its wings as it sits on the water
places/svalbard/tourist waves standing small iceberg glacier
Tourist waves while standing on a small iceberg in front of a glacier
places/svalbard/tourist plays ice blocks small iceberg
Tourist plays with ice blocks on a small iceberg in
places/svalbard/orographic cumulostratus clouds mountains
Orographic cumulostratus clouds over mountains in Spitsbergen
places/svalbard/white yacht large glacier south west spitsbergen
White Yacht by a large glacier on the South West of Spitsbergen
places/svalbard/line pink footed geese flight svalbard
Line of pink-footed Geese in flight in Svalbard
places/svalbard/purple saxifrage plant lucky hit reindeer
Purple Saxifrage plant with a lucky hit of reindeer
places/svalbard/purple saxifrage plant lucky hit goose droppings
Purple Saxifrage plant with a lucky hit of Goose droppings
places/svalbard/polar quest tour guide photographs moulting
Polar Quest tour guide photographs a moulting Svalbard
places/svalbard/moulting svalbard bull reindeer grazes species
Moulting Svalbard bull reindeer grazes on the species
places/svalbard/line sulphur coloured buttercup damp stream
A line of Sulphur-coloured Buttercup along a damp stream
places/svalbard/bird cliff ensures species rich vegetation
The bird cliff ensures species rich vegetation on the
places/svalbard/tourists visit bird cliffs
Tourists visit the bird cliffs
places/svalbard/bird cliff ensures rich vegetation ground
The bird cliff ensures rich vegetation on the ground below it
places/svalbard/yellow whitlow grass flower bird cliff alkhornet
Yellow whitlow grass in flower below the bird cliff Alkhornet
places/svalbard/rock glacier centre scoop prins karls forland
Rock Glacier in the centre of the scoop on Prins Karls Forland
places/svalbard/mountain wisp cloud near summit
Mountain with a wisp of cloud near the summit
places/svalbard/stockholm kongsfjorden
The Stockholm in Kongsfjorden
places/svalbard/adrian photographs domed moss campion flower
Adrian photographs a domed moss campion in flower
places/svalbard/rusty remains machinery used marble
Rusty remains of the machinery used to mine Marble
places/svalbard/creeping stems purple saxifrage grow hole
creeping stems of Purple Saxifrage grow through a hole
places/svalbard/tries close digital camera moss
Bill tries a close up with his digital camera on Moss
places/svalbard/wooden wheelbarrow kennel outside hut camp
Wooden wheelbarrow and kennel outside the hut at Camp Mansfield
places/svalbard/green vegetation bird cliffs blonstrandhalvoya
Green vegetation below the bird cliffs at Blonstrandhalvoya
places/svalbard/passengers stockholm zodiac blomstrand
Passengers from the Stockholm in a zodiac by Blomstrand
places/svalbard/passengers stockholm record proceedings
Passengers from the Stockholm record the proceedings
places/svalbard/deck hand mite dries off freezing midsummer
Deck hand Mite dries off after a freezing midsummer
places/svalbard/tour guide adrian dries off freezing midsummer
Tour guide Adrian dries off after a freezing midsummer
places/svalbard/mite adrian dry off freezing midsummer
Mite and Adrian dry off after a freezing midsummer
places/svalbard/mite adrian freezing midsummer swim beverleysundet
Mite and Adrian go for a freezing midsummer swim in Beverleysundet
places/svalbard/swedish passengers stockholm midsummer
Swedish passengers from the Stockholm with a Midsummer
places/svalbard/passengers crew stockholm gather
Passengers and crew from the Stockholm gather for a
places/svalbard/food table driftwood
With the food on a table of driftwood
places/svalbard/driftwood beach beverleysundet
Driftwood on the beach at Beverleysundet
places/svalbard/expedition names dates swastika written
Expedition names and dates and a swastika written in
places/svalbard/expedition names dates written rocks
Expedition names and dates written in rocks on the
places/svalbard/tourists watch kittiwakes come nests
Tourists watch Kittiwakes come and go from their nests
places/svalbard/kittiwakes come nests bird cliff nelsonoya
Kittiwakes come and go from their nests on a bird cliff on Nelsonoya
places/svalbard/puffin nesting kittiwakes 2 kittiwakes
Puffin amongst nesting kittiwakes as 2 kittiwakes
places/svalbard/puffins nesting kittiwakes nelsonoya
Two Puffins amongst nesting kittiwakes on Nelsonoya
places/svalbard/polar bear eats seal recently killed nelson oya
Polar Bear eats a seal it has recently killed, Nelson Oya
places/svalbard/polar bear rocks near seal partially eaten nelson
Polar bear on rocks near a seal it has partially eaten Nelson Oya
places/svalbard/polar bear attempts bury remains seal snow
Polar bear attempts to bury the remains of a seal in the snow
places/svalbard/black guillemot gives shows red
Black Guillemot gives its thin call and shows the red
places/svalbard/black guillemot shakes feathers
Black Guillemot shakes its feathers
places/svalbard/black guillemot takes off rock
Black Guillemot takes off from a rock
places/svalbard/black guillemot pair stretches wings svalbard
Black Guillemot pair, one of them stretches its wings Svalbard
places/svalbard/pair little auks dovekies
A pair of Little Auks / Dovekies
places/svalbard/kittiwake gathers wet moss nesting material
A Kittiwake gathers wet moss for nesting material
places/svalbard/remains kittiwake black lichen covered beach
The remains of a kittiwake on a black lichen covered beach
places/svalbard/carpet moss scurvy grass bird cliff karl xii oya
A carpet of moss and scurvy grass below a bird cliff on Karl XII Oya
places/svalbard/ground cover multitude lichens beneath bird
Ground cover of a multitude of lichens beneath a bird
places/svalbard/tourists stockholm enjoy midnight sun karl xii
Tourists from the Stockholm enjoy the midnight sun on Karl XII Oya
places/svalbard/group tourists stockholm enjoy midnight
Group of tourists from the Stockholm enjoy the midnight
places/svalbard/eider ducks swim shore karl xii oya
Eider ducks swim along the shore of Karl XII Oya as
places/svalbard/stockholm anchored off karl xii oya north svalbard
The Stockholm anchored off Karl XII Oya in the north of Svalbard
places/svalbard/group tourist enjoy midnight sun karl xii oya
Group of tourist enjoy the midnight sun on Karl XII Oya
places/svalbard/stockholm anchored off karl xii oya iceberg north
The Stockholm anchored off Karl XII Oya by an iceberg in the north of Svalbard
places/svalbard/cow walrus water young calf
Cow walrus in the water with a very young calf
places/svalbard/group walruses water including young calf
Group of walruses in the water, including a very young calf
places/svalbard/single curious young walrus group swimming
Single, curious young walrus with a group swimming, Svalbard
places/svalbard/walrus mothers calves houled rock water
Walrus mothers and calves houled out on a rock with more in the water
places/svalbard/walrus mothers calves hauled rock water
Walrus mothers and calves hauled out on a rock with more in the water
places/svalbard/single walrus group walrus swimming snow flurry
Single walrus with a group of walrus swimming during a snow flurry
places/svalbard/group walrus swimming snow flurry
Group of walrus swimming during a snow flurry
places/svalbard/remains ice foot rests rock early summer
Remains of the ice foot rests on a rock in early summer
places/svalbard/zodiac returns passengers stockholm snow flurry
Zodiac returns passengers to the Stockholm in a snow flurry
places/svalbard/walrus swimming watches photographer tusks hidden
Walrus swimming, watches the photographer with tusks hidden
places/svalbard/small cruise ship stockholm walrus swimming
The small cruise ship Stockholm by Walrus swimming, Nordaustlandet
places/svalbard/zodiac tourists watch group young bull walruses
Zodiac of tourists watch a group of young bull walruses


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