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places/siberia/ballet lesson young girls cultural centre
A ballet lesson for young girls at the Cultural Centre
places/siberia/dik sami reindeer herders dog
Dik, a Sami reindeer herder's dog
places/siberia/aerial view taiga
Aerial view of taiga
places/siberia/nenets reindeer herders winter camp boreal forest
Nenets reindeer herders' winter camp in the boreal forest
places/siberia/khanty woman competeing reindeer racing
A Khanty woman competeing in a reindeer racing competition
places/siberia/dark clouds gather reindeer herders tent
Dark clouds gather behind a reindeer herder's tent
places/siberia/nenets girl sleeps decorated womans sled
A Nenets girl sleeps on a decorated woman's sled
places/siberia/nenets man harnesses draught reindeer herders
Nenets man harnesses a draught reindeer at a herders' winter camp
places/siberia/tame reindeer follows nenets woman walking camp
A tame reindeer follows a Nenets woman walking back to camp
places/siberia/reindeer graze multicoloured summer tundra grasses
Reindeer graze on the multicoloured summer tundra of grasses & sedges
places/siberia/herders reindeer travelling tundra
Herders and their reindeer travelling across the tundra
places/siberia/yakut horse
A Yakut horse
places/siberia/lena potapova sisters varya tanya look
Lena Potapova & her sisters Varya & Tanya look through
places/siberia/dolgan reindeer herders travelling tundra winter
Dolgan reindeer herders travelling across tundra during the winter
places/siberia/view coastline dramatic rock formation
View of the coastline with its dramatic rock formation
places/siberia/icicles roof russian orthodox church
Icicles on the roof of the Russian Orthodox Church
places/siberia/spectacular rock formation cape tegettoff hall
Spectacular rock formation at Cape Tegettoff on Hall Island
places/siberia/chukchi hunters travelling uelen dezhnovka
Chukchi hunters travelling from Uelen to Dezhnovka
places/siberia/chukchi hunter geora eymetitin driving dog sled
Chukchi hunter, Geora Eymetitin, driving his dog sled
places/siberia/chukchi youth traditional clothes riding reindeer
Chukchi youth in traditional clothes riding a reindeer
places/siberia/nenets reindeer herders camp tundra
A Nenets reindeer herder's camp on the tundra during
places/siberia/dark clouds khanty reindeer herders tent
Dark clouds above a Khanty reindeer herder's tent
places/siberia/sun rises reindeer skin tents winter camp
Sun rises behind reindeer skin tents at a winter camp
places/siberia/forest nenets summer camp edge lake forest
A Forest Nenets summer camp at the edge of a lake in a forest
places/siberia/herd reindeer khanty mansiysk w
A herd of reindeer on the move in Khanty Mansiysk, W
places/siberia/nenets men check fish net set ice
Nenets men check their fish net set under the ice
places/siberia/thrown cold air minus 51 degrees celsius
When thrown into cold air at minus 51 degrees Celsius
places/siberia/yakut horse herder riding winter time near
A Yakut horse herder riding in the winter time near Verkhoyansk
places/siberia/reindeer winter pastures mountains near
Reindeer at their winter pastures in the mountains near Verkhoyansk
places/siberia/even herders reindeer winter
E'ven herders with their reindeer at their winter
places/siberia/pavel sleptsov
Pavel Sleptsov
places/siberia/northern lights
The Northern Lights
places/siberia/dolgan reindeer herders camp baloks
Dolgan reindeer herders move their camp of baloks
places/siberia/dolgan woman leads draft reindeer travelling
A Dolgan woman leads her draft reindeer while travelling
places/siberia/container ship unloaded docks dudinka
A container ship being unloaded in the docks at Dudinka
places/siberia/nadiya asyandu
Nadiya Asyandu
places/siberia/vitally elrika elderly reindeer herder northern
Vitally Elrika, an elderly Even reindeer herder from Northern Evensk
places/siberia/toilet attendant near red square
Toilet attendant near Red Square
places/siberia/kettle simmers sami summer camp near lovozero
A kettle simmers above a fire at a Sami summer camp near Lovozero
places/siberia/spectacular rock formation cape tegettoff hall
Spectacular rock formation at Cape Tegettoff on Hall Island
places/siberia/remarkable spherical stones champ island
One of the remarkable spherical stones on Champ Island
places/siberia/chukchi girls hang whaling boat sunset inchoun
Chukchi girls hang out on a whaling boat at sunset, Inchoun
places/siberia/hunters huts boats dezhnovka autumn
Hunters' huts and boats at Dezhnovka in the autumn