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places/qaanaaq/inuit hunter team huskies pulling dog sled
Inuit hunter with his team of huskies pulling a dog sled
places/qaanaaq/inuit hunter team huskies pulling dog sled
Inuit hunter with his team of huskies pulling a dog sled
places/qaanaaq/inuit hunter using white screen camouflage seal
Inuit hunter using white screen for camouflage while seal hunting
places/qaanaaq/ice floes sea ice breaks summer off coast
Ice floes as sea ice breaks up in summer off the coast
places/qaanaaq/team huskies pulls wooden boat sled
A team of huskies pulls a wooden boat on a sled as
places/qaanaaq/jeremias petersen inuit hunter savissivik
Jeremias Petersen, an Inuit hunter from Savissivik
places/qaanaaq/huskies wait haul supplies cessna caravan
Huskies wait to haul supplies from a Cessna Caravan
places/qaanaaq/cessna caravan supply plane taking off sea
A Cessna Caravan supply plane taking off from the sea
places/qaanaaq/musk oxen defend calves surrounding
Musk oxen defend their calves by surrounding them
places/qaanaaq/sinarujuk sadorana
Sinarujuk Sadorana
places/qaanaaq/elderly inuit making kayak
Elderly Inuit making a kayak
places/qaanaaq/sled dog boots tied protect feet
A sled dog has boots tied on to protect its feet
places/qaanaaq/icicles meltpool form thawing iceberg off
Icicles and a meltpool form on a thawing iceberg off
places/qaanaaq/inuit hunter adjusts harness dogs
Inuit hunter adjusts the harness on one of his dogs
places/qaanaaq/team huskies
A team of huskies
places/qaanaaq/husky escapes harness remain
A husky escapes from its harness only to remain with
places/qaanaaq/sofie jensen
Sofie Jensen
places/qaanaaq/inuit shoppers check shop qaanaaq
Inuit shoppers at the check out in the shop at Qaanaaq
places/qaanaaq/inuit family eating traditional foods birthday
Inuit family eating traditional foods at a Birthday party in Qaanaaq
places/qaanaaq/inuit couple sitting outside igloo northwest
Inuit couple sitting outside an Igloo in Northwest Greenland
places/qaanaaq/inuit couple sitting outside igloo northwest
Inuit couple sitting outside an Igloo in Northwest Greenland
places/qaanaaq/elizabeth hansen
Elizabeth Hansen
places/qaanaaq/inuit fishing hole sea ice halibut
Inuit fishing through hole in the sea ice for halibut
places/qaanaaq/inuit hunter peter peary puts line walrus killed
Inuit hunter Peter Peary puts line on walrus he has killed
places/qaanaaq/inuit girl playing computer games youth club
An Inuit girl playing computer games at the Youth Club in Qaanaaq
places/qaanaaq/birthe jensen
Birthe Jensen
places/qaanaaq/small inuit village savissivik meteorite island
The small Inuit village of Savissivik on Meteorite Island
places/qaanaaq/group inuit hunters haul dead walrus
Group of inuit hunters haul a dead walrus onto the
places/qaanaaq/inuit boys playing traditional tug of war game
Inuit boys playing a traditional tug-of-war game, seated on the floor
places/qaanaaq/inuit hunter masautsiak eipe repairing kayak
Inuit hunter, Masautsiak Eipe, repairing his kayak harpoon
places/qaanaaq/annie petersen sewing sealskin kamik outside house
Annie Petersen sewing a sealskin kamik outside her house in summer
places/qaanaaq/inuit elder kalersaq duneq eating raw liver
Inuit elder Kalersaq Duneq eating raw liver
places/qaanaaq/inuit sharing meal muktuk
Inuit sharing a meal of muktuk
places/qaanaaq/dead narwhal long tooth lies beach qeqertat
A dead narwhal with a long tooth lies on a beach at Qeqertat
places/qaanaaq/aerial view u
Aerial view of the U
places/qaanaaq/inuit children village savissivik
Inuit children in the village of Savissivik
places/qaanaaq/arctic photographer bryan alexander frosted
Arctic photographer, Bryan Alexander, frosted up
places/qaanaaq/sunset inuit drives boat newly formed
At sunset, an Inuit drives his boat through newly formed
places/qaanaaq/sunset inuit hunter manoevres boat
At sunset, an Inuit hunter manoevres his boat through
places/qaanaaq/sunset inuit hunter rows boat ashore
At sunset, an Inuit hunter rows his boat ashore through
places/qaanaaq/rays sunlight catch iceberg
the last rays of sunlight catch the side of an iceberg
places/qaanaaq/inuit walking streets qaanaaq sunset
Inuit walking along one of the streets in Qaanaaq at Sunset
places/qaanaaq/inuit drum sealskin used traditional drum dances
An Inuit drum made from sealskin and used for traditional drum dances
places/qaanaaq/thule culture inuit womans comb walrus ivory
A Thule culture Inuit woman's comb made from walrus ivory
places/qaanaaq/traditional thule culture toggle hitch
A traditional Thule culture toggle hitch made
places/qaanaaq/meteorite cut half near savissvik northwest
A meteorite cut in half that was found near Savissvik in Northwest Greenland
places/qaanaaq/greenlandic flag flying qaanaaq
The Greenlandic flag flying in Qaanaaq
places/qaanaaq/loader used collect glacial ice
A front loader being used to collect glacial ice to
places/qaanaaq/glacial ice shore inglefield bay qaanaaq northwest
Glacial ice along the shore of Inglefield Bay at Qaanaaq in Northwest Greenland
places/qaanaaq/ole petersen
Ole Petersen
places/qaanaaq/inuit hunters moving boat glacial ice
Inuit hunters moving their boat through glacial ice
places/qaanaaq/houses inuit community qaanaaq
Houses in the Inuit community of Qaanaaq
places/qaanaaq/sofie jensen
Sofie Jensen
places/qaanaaq/air greenland dash 7 plane land arriving qaanaaq
An Air Greenland Dash-7 plane about to land arriving at Qaanaaq
places/qaanaaq/avigiaq sadorana
Avigiaq Sadorana
places/qaanaaq/abel sadorana
Abel Sadorana
places/qaanaaq/bithday party qaanaaq
At a bithday party in Qaanaaq
places/qaanaaq/bithday party
Before a bithday party
places/qaanaaq/young inuit playing computer games youth club
Young Inuit playing computer games at the Youth Club in Qaanaaq
places/qaanaaq/inuit youths youth club qaanaaq
Two Inuit youths at the Youth Club in Qaanaaq
places/qaanaaq/inuit boy playing computer game youth club qaanaaq
Inuit boy playing a computer game at the Youth Club in Qaanaaq
places/qaanaaq/inuit girls playing table football youth club
Inuit girls playing table football at the Youth Club in Qaanaaq
places/qaanaaq/sofie jensen communicating line friends arto
Sofie Jensen communicating on line with her friends through Arto
places/qaanaaq/brightly coloured inuit homes community qaanaaq
Brightly coloured Inuit homes in the community of Qaanaaq
places/qaanaaq/sun shines piece glacial ice floating
The sun shines through a piece of glacial ice floating
places/qaanaaq/group inuit girls playing cards house qaanaaq
A group of Inuit girls playing cards in a house in Qaanaaq
places/qaanaaq/igaja kristiansen
Igaja Kristiansen
places/qaanaaq/anne sofie
Anne Sofie
places/qaanaaq/portrait sofie jensen
Portrait of Sofie Jensen
places/qaanaaq/abel inuit boy
Abel, an Inuit boy
places/qaanaaq/inuit boy plays blowing bubbles outside shop
An Inuit boy plays at blowing bubbles outside the shop in Qaanaaq
places/qaanaaq/nina inuit woman
Nina, an Inuit woman
places/qaanaaq/inuit couple look food freezers
An Inuit couple look at food in one of the freezers
places/qaanaaq/young inuit woman looks food freezers
A young Inuit woman looks at food in one of the freezers
places/qaanaaq/inuit youths outside main shop community qaanaaq
Inuit youths outside the main shop in the community of Qaanaaq
places/qaanaaq/icebergs small pieces glacial ice floating
Icebergs and small pieces of glacial ice floating in
places/qaanaaq/sun setting herbert island highlights pieces
The sun setting behind Herbert island highlights pieces
places/qaanaaq/late evening sun shines piece glacial
Late evening sun shines through a piece of glacial
places/qaanaaq/piece glacial ice
A piece of glacial ice
places/qaanaaq/inuit community qaanaaq shore inglefield bay
The Inuit community of Qaanaaq on the shore of Inglefield Bay
places/qaanaaq/large iceberg floating inglefield bay small
A large Iceberg floating in Inglefield Bay with small
places/qaanaaq/evening sun shines piece glacial ice
Evening sun shines through a piece of glacial ice
places/qaanaaq/large icebergs float inglefield bay inuit
large icebergs float in Inglefield Bay behind an Inuit
places/qaanaaq/large iceberg floats inglefield bay
A very large iceberg floats in Inglefield Bay behind
places/qaanaaq/inuit hunters coming ashore boats dusk
Inuit hunters coming ashore in their boats at dusk
places/qaanaaq/inuit hunter rowing boat ashore dusk
An Inuit hunter rowing his boat ashore at dusk after
places/qaanaaq/inuit hunters shore returning qaanaaq sunset
Inuit hunters on the shore after returning to Qaanaaq at sunset
places/qaanaaq/aerial view iceberge floating inglefield bay
Aerial view of iceberge floating in Inglefield Bay
places/qaanaaq/receding icecap glaciers coast northwest greenland
Receding icecap and glaciers on the coast of Northwest Greenland
places/qaanaaq/receding icecap glaciers melting glacial lake
Receding icecap and glaciers melting into a glacial lake in Northwest Greenland
places/qaanaaq/icecap glaciers surround nunataks near cape york
Icecap and glaciers surround nunataks near Cape York
places/qaanaaq/icecap crevassed glaciers near cape york
Icecap and crevassed glaciers near Cape York on the
places/qaanaaq/icecap glaciers near cape york northwest coast
Icecap and glaciers near Cape York on the Northwest coast of Greenland
places/qaanaaq/icecap glaciers exposed mountains near cape
Icecap and glaciers and exposed mountains near Cape
places/qaanaaq/eri danielsen
Eri Danielsen
places/qaanaaq/inuit hunter catching little auks long handled net
Inuit hunter, catching Little Auks, in a long handled net (ipo)
places/qaanaaq/mamarut inuit hunter
Mamarut, an Inuit hunter
places/qaanaaq/fast moving glacier
Fast moving glacier
places/qaanaaq/portrait elderly inuit woman
Portrait of an elderly Inuit woman


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