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places/pacific islands/stone money outside traditional house
Stone money outside a traditional house
places/pacific islands/traditional yapese sailing canoe outrigger used
Traditional Yapese sailing canoe with outrigger used
places/pacific islands/young girl grass skirt
Young girl in a grass skirt
places/pacific islands/women ifalik atoll gather beach watch
Women from Ifalik Atoll gather on beach to watch the
places/pacific islands/young yapese girl ifalik atoll
A young Yapese girl from Ifalik Atoll
places/pacific islands/yapese woman traditional grass skirts
A Yapese woman in traditional grass skirts
places/pacific islands/women say goodbye ship prepares leave ifalik atoll
Women say goodbye as ship prepares to leave Ifalik Atoll
places/pacific islands/family homestead satawal island
A family homestead on Satawal Island
places/pacific islands/morning surgery ngulu atoll
Morning surgery on Ngulu Atoll
places/pacific islands/young boy faraulep atoll eating reef fish raw
A young boy on Faraulep Atoll eating a reef fish raw
places/pacific islands/yapese reef fisherman fish speared night
Yapese reef fisherman with fish he has speared at night
places/pacific islands/women decorated hibiscus perform traditional
Women decorated with Hibiscus perform traditional Yapese
places/pacific islands/young woman
Young woman
places/pacific islands/young dancer traditional costume decorated hibiscus
Young dancer in traditional costume, decorated with Hibiscus flowers
places/pacific islands/men wearing hibiscus flowers perform traditional
Men wearing Hibiscus flowers perform traditional Yapese
places/pacific islands/islanders performing traditional yapese bamboo
Islanders performing traditional Yapese bamboo dance on Map Island
places/pacific islands/traditional sailing canoe sail
Traditional sailing canoe under full sail
places/pacific islands/live turtles
Live turtles
places/pacific islands/young boys traditional canoe
Young boys on a traditional canoe
places/pacific islands/young yapese boy sitting traditional canoe
Young Yapese boy sitting on a traditional canoe
places/pacific islands/opening coconuts provide islanders food drink
Opening coconuts which provide the islanders with both food and drink
places/pacific islands/yap covered turmeric shell used horn
Yap covered in Turmeric with shell used as a horn
places/pacific islands/men gather outside traditional mens house
Men gather outside the traditional men's house
places/pacific islands/islander faraulep atoll pet booby bird prepares
Islander from Faraulep Atoll with pet Booby bird prepares
places/pacific islands/islander faraulep atoll prepares fish small
Islander from Faraulep Atoll prepares to fish in small
places/pacific islands/boy catch small fish box outrigger canoe
Boy with catch of small fish in a box on an outrigger canoe
places/pacific islands/boys catch small fish box canoe
Boys with a catch of small fish in a box on their canoe
places/pacific islands/islanders prepare to sea small sailing canoe
Islanders prepare to put to sea in small sailing canoe
places/pacific islands/boys prepare sail outrigger canoe fish woleai
Two boys prepare to sail in outrigger canoe, to fish in Woleai lagoon
places/pacific islands/yapese islander removes husks coconuts
Yapese islander removes the husks from coconuts
places/pacific islands/yapese islander wearing loincloth climbs
Yapese islander, wearing a loincloth, climbs for coconuts
places/pacific islands/elderly man sorol atoll tatoos
Elderly man from Sorol Atoll with tatoos
places/pacific islands/elderly woman weaves basket palm leaves ngulu
An elderly woman weaves a basket from palm leaves, on Ngulu Atoll
places/pacific islands/traditional mens house
A traditional men's house
places/pacific islands/yapese youngster plays pool store yap island
A Yapese youngster plays pool in a store on Yap Island
places/pacific islands/yapese youth poses piece stone money
Yapese youth poses next to a piece of stone money
places/pacific islands/ulithi atoll yaps outer
Ulithi Atoll, one of Yap's outer Is
places/pacific islands/martin lugwan map island
Martin Lugwan from Map Island
places/pacific islands/ulithi atoll yaps outer
Ulithi Atoll, one of Yap's outer Is
places/pacific islands/martin lugwan map island
Martin Lugwan from Map Island
places/pacific islands/traditional yapese sailing canoe outrigger
Traditional Yapese sailing canoe with outrigger now