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places/mali/dogon masked dancer stilts
Dogon Masked Dancer on stilts
places/mali/dogon cave painting
Dogon Cave Painting
places/mali/dogon cave paintings
Dogon Cave paintings
places/mali/dogon village tireli bandiagara escarpment
Dogon village of Tireli on the Bandiagara Escarpment
places/mali/dogon masked dancer character fulani warrior
Dogon masked dancer in character of Fulani warrior
places/mali/barawega dogon woman nursing children
Barawega, a Dogon woman nursing her two children
places/mali/granaries caves cliff face dogon
Granaries and caves on the cliff face above the Dogon
places/mali/dogon boy runs hoop
A Dogon Boy runs beside a hoop he has made for himself
places/mali/dogon family outside home tireli
A Dogon family outside their home in Tireli
places/mali/dogon villagers breaking soil planting
Dogon villagers breaking up the soil before planting
places/mali/fulani woman wearing traditional large ear rings
Fulani woman wearing traditional large ear-rings and gold nose-ring
places/mali/banani gorge used dogon descend
Banani gorge which is used by the Dogon to descend
places/mali/dogon man making traditional baskets cane
A Dogon man making traditional baskets from cane which
places/mali/dogon healer lets blood attempt cure man
A Dogon healer lets blood in an attempt to cure a man
places/mali/apono dogon boy playing wooden flute
Apono, a Dogon boy, playing a wooden flute
places/mali/dogon boy climbs small door granary
A Dogon boy climbs through the small door of granary
places/mali/dogon boy toy gun
Dogon boy with toy gun
places/mali/dogon boy pulls leafy branches goats eat
A Dogon boy pulls down leafy branches for his goats to eat
places/mali/dogon woman waits son pass millet
A Dogon woman waits for her son to pass down millet
places/mali/dogon woman carries basket millet
A Dogon woman carries a basket full of millet along
places/mali/dogon elder tells future cowrie shells
A Dogon elder tells the future with Cowrie shells
places/mali/dogon elder fortells future cowrie shells
A Dogon elder fortells the future with Cowrie shells
places/mali/dogon women help lift heavy pots
Dogon women help each other at lift heavy pots at the
places/mali/dogon woman fills clay pot muddy water shallow
A Dogon woman fills her clay pot with muddy water from a shallow well
places/mali/dogon women water pots village water hole
Dogon women fill their water pots from the village water hole
places/mali/dogon shaman shakes gourd chanting prayers spirits
A Dogon Shaman shakes a gourd while chanting prayers to the spirits
places/mali/dogon shamans assistant emerges shrine
A Dogon Shaman's assistant emerges from a shrine
places/mali/dogon men filling baskets manure use fertiliser
Dogon men filling baskets with manure to use as fertiliser
places/mali/dogon drummer
A Dogon drummer
places/mali/members dogon thieves society dance waving
Members of the Dogon Thieves Society dance waving their
places/mali/ancient tireli society dispensation exact
An ancient Tireli society with a dispensation to exact
places/mali/dogon elder
A Dogon elder
places/mali/dogon woman pours green sauce boiled boabab
Dogon woman pours a green sauce made of boiled boabab
places/mali/young dogon woman cicitration marks wearing
Young Dogon woman, with cicitration marks, wearing jewelry
places/mali/young dogon boy baskets millet
Young Dogon boy with baskets of millet
places/mali/dogon village tireli bandiagara escarpment
Dogon village of Tireli by the Bandiagara Escarpment
places/mali/dogon village tireli flat roofed mud houses
The Dogon village of Tireli with flat roofed mud houses
places/mali/dogon boy bicycle millet stalks
Dogon boy with bicycle he has made from millet stalks
places/mali/dogon boy wearing imitation adult lizard
Dogon boy wearing an imitation of the adult lizard
places/mali/dogon men place millet straw thatch granary built
Dogon men place millet straw thatch on a granary they have built
places/mali/dogon men carry millet straw thatch granary
Dogon men carry millet straw thatch to put on a granary
places/mali/dogon man gathering millet stalks used
Dogon man gathering millet stalks which are used for
places/mali/dogon women carry firewood home baskets heads
Dogon women carry firewood home in baskets on their heads
places/mali/view sahel bandiagara escarpment
View of the Sahel from the Bandiagara Escarpment
places/mali/dogon elder using fox divination answering
Dogon elder using fox divination for answering questions
places/mali/dogon woman wearing silver rings ears nose
A Dogon woman wearing silver rings in her ears and one in her nose
places/mali/rugged sandstone cliffs bandiagara escarpment
Rugged sandstone cliffs of the Bandiagara escarpment
places/mali/dogon elders tell future fox divination
Dogon elders tell the future with fox divination
places/mali/dogon shamans assistant carries slaughtered
A Dogon Shaman's assistant carries a slaughtered
places/mali/dogon woman
A Dogon woman
places/mali/baruweja dogon woman grinds millet make beer
Baruweja, a Dogon woman grinds millet to make into beer
places/mali/baruweja dogon woman
Baruweja, a Dogon woman
places/mali/dogon dancer wearing lady mask
A Dogon dancer wearing a 'lady of the mask'
places/mali/masked dogon dancer representing buffalo bull
Masked Dogon dancer representing a buffalo bull at
places/mali/dogon masked dancer ceremonial dance village
Dogon masked dancer at ceremonial dance in the village of Tireli
places/mali/dogon masked dancers ceremonial dance village
Dogon masked dancers at ceremonial dance in the village of Tireli
places/mali/dogon masked dancer
Dogon masked dancer
places/mali/dogon masked dancer stilts thatched granaries
Dogon masked dancer on stilts with thatched granaries in background
places/mali/dogon dancer tall mask
A Dogon dancer in a tall mask
places/mali/leaf clad masked dancer buru festival
Leaf clad masked dancer at the Buru festival
places/mali/dogon girl cicatration forehead
Dogon girl has cicatration to her forehead
places/mali/boy watching goats near bandiagara escarpment
A boy watching over his goats near the Bandiagara Escarpment
places/mali/brightly dressed women sell wares market day
Brightly dressed women sell their wares on market day
places/mali/amayuga making basket taju savannah grass
Amayuga, making a basket or Taju out of Savannah grass
places/mali/dogon basket maker trims baskets
A Dogon basket maker trims one of his baskets
places/mali/amayuga making basket taju
Amayuga, making a basket or Taju
places/mali/dogon man blowing whistle
Dogon man blowing a whistle
places/mali/dogon woman carrying pot just fired
Dogon woman carrying a pot which has just been fired
places/mali/dogon women collect pots furnace firing
Dogon women collect their pots from the furnace after firing
places/mali/ceremonial mask worn dogon dancer
Ceremonial mask worn by Dogon dancer
places/mali/dogon women remove pots firing pit
Dogon women remove their pots from the firing pit
places/mali/dogon men sitting shade mens house toguna
Dogon men sitting in the shade of the men's house, or Toguna
places/mali/dogon baby spends hours day contact
Dogon baby spends many hours a day in contact with
places/mali/removing pots firing pit kiln
Removing pots from the firing pit, or kiln
places/mali/dogon women pound millet coarse flour
Four Dogon women pound millet to a coarse flour
places/mali/dogon woman entering house roof
A Dogon woman entering her house through the roof
places/mali/dogon woman preparing millet child
Dogon woman preparing millet with her child on her back
places/mali/dogon woman washes baby pot
A Dogon woman washes her baby in a pot
places/mali/dogon woman washes baby
A Dogon woman washes her baby
places/mali/dogon women place pots firing pit rims
Dogon women place pots in the firing pit with rims
places/mali/dogon woman making clay pot
A Dogon woman making a clay pot
places/mali/young dogon girl learns make clay pots
Young Dogon girl learns how to make clay pots in the
places/mali/masked dancers dogon village sanga
Masked dancers in Dogon village of Sanga
places/mali/dogon masked dancers action
Dogon Masked Dancers in action
places/mali/dogon village sangha homes thatched granaries
Dogon village of Sangha with homes and thatched granaries
places/mali/masked dancer dogon village sangha
Masked dancer in the Dogon village of Sangha
places/mali/dogon woman carries bowls gourds net past mud
Dogon woman carries bowls made from gourds in a net past mud houses
places/mali/flat roofed mud huts thatched granaries
Flat roofed mud huts and thatched granaries in the
places/mali/dogon masked dancer mask depicting hare
Dogon Masked Dancer in a mask depicting a hare
places/mali/dogon mother gives baby water gourd outside home
Dogon mother gives her baby water from a gourd, outside her home
places/mali/portrait young dogon girl
Portrait of a young Dogon girl
places/mali/dogon woman
Dogon woman
places/mali/dogon woman water jar head suckling baby
Dogon woman with water jar on her head, suckling her baby
places/mali/dogon women fetching water earthenware jars
Dogon women fetching water in earthenware jars
places/mali/dogon youth playing drum
Dogon youth playing a drum
places/mali/boys wrestle beat goatskin drums
Two boys wrestle to the beat of goatskin drums
places/mali/dogon woman gets rid chaff millet tipping
Dogon woman gets rid of chaff from millet by tipping
places/mali/elderly man
Elderly man
places/mali/dogon elder
Dogon Elder


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