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places/east greenland/medial moraine steep glacier deep crevasses
Medial Moraine on a steep glacier with deep crevasses
places/east greenland/ruins wooden hut thule culture house rings sydkap
Ruins of a wooden hut amongst the Thule Culture house rings at Sydkap
places/east greenland/tour guides sunglasses reflect zodiac driving
Tour Guides sunglasses reflect the zodiac he is driving
places/east greenland/climate change
Climate change
places/east greenland/team huskies rest sled journey near scorebysund
A team of huskies rest during a sled journey near Scorebysund
places/east greenland/keith robinson beach eleonora bay
Keith Robinson on the beach at Eleonora Bay
places/east greenland/dramatic mountainside kejser franz josepf fjord
Dramatic mountainside in Kejser Franz Josepf Fjord
places/east greenland/iceberg floats eleonora bay
Iceberg floats in Eleonora Bay
places/east greenland/inuit hunter sets seal net sea ice near
Inuit hunter sets a seal net under the sea ice near Scoresbysund
places/east greenland/musk oxen skull beach theside glacial outwash
Musk Oxen skull on the beach at theside of a Glacial outwash plain
places/east greenland/exploding seed heads arctic willow piece ancient
Exploding seed heads of Arctic willow with a piece of ancient
places/east greenland/young pancake ice east greenland current freezes
Very young pancake ice in the East Greenland Current as it freezes in September
places/east greenland/kejser franz joseph fjord
Kejser Franz Joseph Fjord
places/east greenland/keith makes way crutches coast eleonora bay
Keith makes his way on crutches around the coast of Eleonora Bay
places/east greenland/tour guide troels plays musk ox skull
Tour Guide Troels plays with a musk ox skull he has found
places/east greenland/iceberg dramatic sedimentary cliffs eleonora bay
Iceberg by dramatic sedimentary cliffs in Eleonora Bay
places/east greenland/sediment layers eleonora bay
Detail of some of the sediment layers at Eleonora Bay
places/east greenland/musk ox skull valley eleonora bay
Musk Ox skull in the valley at Eleonora Bay
places/east greenland/musk ox skull showing weight horn brow
Musk Ox skull showing the weight of Horn on the brow
places/east greenland/musk ox skull viewed frm directly showing
Musk Ox skull viewed frm directly above showing the
places/east greenland/teufelsschloss
places/east greenland/dawn kejser franz joseph fjord
Dawn in Kejser Franz Joseph Fjord
places/east greenland/needles ice criss cross frozen puddle beach
Needles of ice criss cross a frozen puddle on the beach
places/east greenland/walkers head valley glacier eleonora bay
Walkers head up to a valley glacier at Eleonora Bay
places/east greenland/footprints sand eleonora bay
Footprints in the sand in Eleonora Bay
places/east greenland/esker mountains greenlands interior
An Esker with the mountains of Greenland's interior
places/east greenland/tourists esker mountains greenlands
Tourists on an Esker with the mountains of Greenland's
places/east greenland/kongeborgen backdrop windswept tundra hikers
Kongeborgen, backdrop to windswept tundra and hikers
places/east greenland/musk ox skull shore kongeborgen
Musk Ox skull on the shore by Kongeborgen
places/east greenland/musk ox skeleton shore kongeborgen
Musk Ox skeleton on the shore by Kongeborgen
places/east greenland/frost shattered rocks shore traill o
Frost shattered rocks on the shore at Traill Ø
places/east greenland/tourists shore pallisades
Tourists on the shore below the Pallisades
places/east greenland/kongeborgen backdrop windswept coast hikers
Kongeborgen, backdrop to a windswept coast and hikers
places/east greenland/kongeborgen seen cotton grass autumn tundra
Kongeborgen seen across cotton grass and autumn tundra
places/east greenland/erosion features hanging valley drommebugten
Erosion features below a hanging valley in Drømmebugten
places/east greenland/erosion features drommebugten
Erosion features in Drømmebugten
places/east greenland/tourists photograph zodiac drommebugten
Tourists photograph from Zodiac in Drømmebugten
places/east greenland/zodiac waits drommebugten
Zodiac waits in Drømmebugten
places/east greenland/minerals stains seep rock east greenland
Minerals stains seep from a rock in East Greenland
places/east greenland/tour guide nette levermann rifle polar bear
Tour guide Nette Levermann with rifle for polar bear
places/east greenland/tabular iceberg shades aqua
Tabular iceberg in shades of aqua
places/east greenland/icebergs float heavily glaciated south coast
Icebergs float by the heavily glaciated south coast
places/east greenland/iceberg floats dramatic mountains icecap hall
Iceberg floats by dramatic Mountains and icecap in Hall Bredning
places/east greenland/iceberg catches low light
Iceberg catches the low light
places/east greenland/iceberg catches low rays light
Iceberg catches low rays of light
places/east greenland/glimpse cathedral past dramatic mountains
Glimpse of The Cathedral past dramatic Mountains
places/east greenland/dramatic mountains icecap hall bredning
Dramatic Mountains and icecap in Hall Bredning
places/east greenland/warmly dressed tourists enjoy autumn sunshine
Warmly dressed tourists enjoy the autumn sunshine close
places/east greenland/bright orange lichen grows bands rock
Bright orange lichen grows in bands on the rock
places/east greenland/rich collection different coloured lichen
A rich collection of different coloured lichen on a
places/east greenland/daniella wears modern fashion jacket based
Daniella wears a modern fashion jacket based on the
places/east greenland/large grounded iceberg archway
Large grounded iceberg with an archway
places/east greenland/small grounded iceberg
Small grounded iceberg
places/east greenland/aleksey maryshev dwarfed huge iceberg
Aleksey Maryshev is dwarfed by a huge iceberg beyond her
places/east greenland/tour guide nette rifle old thule settlement sydkap
Tour guide Nette with her rifle at the Old Thule settlement of Sydkap
places/east greenland/dawn mountains nordvest fjord
Dawn over the mountains in Nordvest Fjord
places/east greenland/iceberg dawn light scoresbysund fiord
Iceberg in dawn light in Scoresbysund Fiord
places/east greenland/hut rings thule culture houses sydcap
Hut rings of Thule culture houses at Sydcap on the
places/east greenland/musk oxen bull
Musk oxen bull
places/east greenland/lone musk ox bull grazes autumn tundra vegetation
Lone Musk Ox bull grazes on autumn Tundra vegetation
places/east greenland/slopes ice crags scoresby land evening light
Slopes, ice and crags of Scoresby Land in evening light
places/east greenland/bull musk ox stays close cows autumn rut
Bull Musk Ox stays close to one of his cows during the autumn rut
places/east greenland/family group musk oxen graze foliage
Family group of musk oxen graze on the foliage of a
places/east greenland/parallel ridges tilted iceberg
Parallel ridges on the side of a now tilted iceberg
places/east greenland/tourists driver zodiac cruise icebergs
Tourists and driver Zodiac cruise around some icebergs
places/east greenland/elsbeth husser jubilant fine day east greenland
Elsbeth Husser is jubilant about a fine day in East Greenland
places/east greenland/walkers group musk oxen tundra slope
Walkers and a group of Musk Oxen on a tundra slope
places/east greenland/walker camaera glacial valley runs
Walker with a camaera in a glacial valley that runs
places/east greenland/walkers glacial valley runs bay nordvest fjord
Walkers in a glacial valley that runs into a bay on Nordvest Fjord
places/east greenland/grounded iceberg rests bay off nordvest fjord
A grounded iceberg rests in a bay off Nordvest Fjord
places/east greenland/wide u shaped glacial valley line
Wide, U shaped glacial valley with the line of the
places/east greenland/talus cone debris erosion feature renland
Talus cone of debris at the bottom of an erosion feature on Renland
places/east greenland/glacier clear lateral moraines flows nordvest
Glacier with very clear lateral moraines flows towards Nordvest Fjord
places/east greenland/huge icebergs float nordvest fjord
Huge icebergs float in Nordvest Fjord
places/east greenland/tidewater valley glacier shore nordvest fjord
Tidewater Valley glacier on the shore of Nordvest Fjord
places/east greenland/sunrise cathedral o fiord
Sunrise at The Cathedral, Ø Fiord
places/east greenland/icebergs drift o fiord
Icebergs drift in Ø Fiord
places/east greenland/tour laeder thor beach end fine
Tour laeder Thor on the beach at the end of a fine
places/east greenland/zodiac beach end fine evenings hike sunset
Zodiac on the beach at the end of a fine evenings hike with sunset
places/east greenland/seeding arctic willow tundra landscape
Seeding Arctic willow in a tundra landscape
places/east greenland/tour guide nette lays rifle photograph
Tour Guide Nette lays down her rifle to photograph
places/east greenland/nacreous mother pearl psc polar stratospheric
Nacreous, Mother of Pearl, or PSC, Polar Stratospheric Clouds
places/east greenland/zodiacs cruise bergy bits foot eielson glacier
Zodiacs cruise amongst bergy bits at the foot of the Eielson Glacier
places/east greenland/piece ice size house crashes
A piece of ice the size of a house crashes into the
places/east greenland/piece ice size truck crashes
A piece of ice the size of a truck crashes into the
places/east greenland/keith robinson leans rock pictures
Keith Robinson leans against a rock to take pictures
places/east greenland/sand covers central eielson glacier
Sand covers a central part of the Eielson Glacier where
places/east greenland/ice cliffs eielson glacier tower tourist zodiac
Ice cliffs of the Eielson Glacier tower over a tourist zodiac
places/east greenland/3 km eielson glacier rypefjord
The 3 km front of the Eielson Glacier in Rypefjord
places/east greenland/iceberg foot steep red
Iceberg at the foot of steep red
places/east greenland/retreating valley glacier leaves signs previous
A retreating valley glacier leaves signs of previous
places/east greenland/icebergs float hematite rich red slopes
Icebergs float with the Hematite rich red slopes of
places/east greenland/small piece iceberg ice thawed
Small piece of iceberg ice, almost thawed
places/east greenland/warmly dressed tourist east greenland watches
Warmly dressed tourist to East Greenland watches by the rail of the ship
places/east greenland/eielson glacier tidewater glacier rypefjord
The Eielson Glacier, a tidewater glacier in Rypefjord
places/east greenland/zodiacs cruise fragile crystal bergy bits
Zodiacs cruise amongst fragile crystal bergy bits at
places/east greenland/manfred tschipper sits the zodiac
Manfred Tschipper sits at the front of the Zodiac as
places/east greenland/small heap sand terminal moraine eielson glacier
A small heap of sand, a terminal moraine by the Eielson Glacier
places/east greenland/tour guide troels jacobsen piece crystal
Tour guide Troels Jacobsen with a piece of crystal


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