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places/alaska/tugs manoevering oil tanker arco fairbanks near
Tugs manoevering an oil tanker, Arco Fairbanks, near Valdez
places/alaska/inupiaq eskimo woman face framed fur hood parka
Inupiaq (Eskimo) woman, her face framed by a fur hood on her parka
places/alaska/tomcod microgradus proximus hanging outside
Tomcod (Microgradus proximus) hanging outside on a
places/alaska/racing huskies training run pulling hard hot
Racing huskies out for a training run, pulling hard, and very hot
places/alaska/white crosses graveyard seen low winter light
White crosses in the graveyard seen in low winter light
places/alaska/tlingit master carver nathan jackson totem carving
Tlingit master carver Nathan Jackson by a totem he is carving
places/alaska/owl pole saxman native totem park shaman
The Owl Pole at the Saxman Native Totem Park is about a shaman
places/alaska/tlingit carver lee wallace works new totem pole
Tlingit carver Lee Wallace works on a new totem pole
places/alaska/alaskan eskimo bright new snowmobile
Alaskan Eskimo on a bright new snowmobile
places/alaska/karen sinnok counter shishmaref native store
Karen Sinnok behind the counter at the Shishmaref Native Store
places/alaska/caribou graze tundra near oil rig prudhoe bay
Caribou graze on the tundra near an oil rig at Prudhoe Bay
places/alaska/oil pipes prudhoe bay refinery north slope alaska
Oil pipes at the Prudhoe Bay Refinery on the North Slope, Alaska, USA
places/alaska/oil pipes drilling rig endicott island prudhoe
Oil pipes and drilling rig on Endicott Island, Prudhoe Bay
places/alaska/inupiaqeskimo women adjust parkas best parka
Inupiaq(Eskimo) women adjust their parkas for the best Parka contest
places/alaska/antique bric a brac shop highway near palmer
An Antique & Bric-a-brac shop on the Highway near Palmer
places/alaska/inupiaq eskimo man sleeps off heavy drinking
Inupiaq (Eskimo) man sleeps off a heavy drinking bout on the beach
places/alaska/low light midnight sun timber buildings st
Low light from midnight sun on the timber buildings on Front St
places/alaska/lela oman wearing fine fur traditional coat complex
Lela Oman wearing a fine fur traditional coat, complex trim features
places/alaska/inupiak woman
Inupiak woman
places/alaska/inupiaq woman
Inupiaq woman
places/alaska/inupiaq youths hang glue pot serves local food
Inupiaq youths hang out at the Glue Pot which serves some local food
places/alaska/waterfront sitka hub russian america 1867
The waterfront at Sitka, the hub of Russian America until 1867
places/alaska/st michaels russian orthodox cathedral rebuilt
St Michaels Russian Orthodox Cathedral, rebuilt in 1976 after a fire
places/alaska/visitor leaving clan house totem bight state park
Visitor leaving the Clan House at Totem Bight State Park
places/alaska/totem pole depicting man drowned giant clam
Totem pole depicting a man drowned by a giant clam
places/alaska/thunderers pole thunderbird totem bight park
Thunderer's Pole with the Thunderbird on top at Totem Bight Park
places/alaska/boy collects gold dust gold pan gold creek
Boy collects the gold dust from his Gold Pan by Gold Creek
places/alaska/franklin st quaint buildings heart downtown juneau
Franklin St with its quaint buildings in the heart of downtown Juneau
places/alaska/man jetty gustavus fillets halibut caught
Man on the jetty at Gustavus fillets halibut he has caught
places/alaska/yacht zodiac small icebergs sawyer glacier
Yacht & Zodiac amongst the small icebergs by the Sawyer Glacier
places/alaska/south sawyer glacier tracey arm fjord
South Sawyer Glacier in Tracey Arm Fjord
places/alaska/mendenhall glacier seen wildflower meadows
Mendenhall Glacier seen across wildflower meadows
places/alaska/cruise ship dock waterfront seen cablecar
Cruise Ship at the dock on the waterfront seen from the cablecar
places/alaska/oomingmak musk oxen shop central anchorage
Oomingmak. The musk oxen shop in central Anchorage
places/alaska/edgar otis wasilla
Edgar Otis of Wasilla
places/alaska/strong winds blow sea cape prince wales
Strong winds blow over the sea at Cape Prince of Wales
places/alaska/bands frost smoke hang open water new sea
Bands of frost smoke hang over open water and new sea
places/alaska/snow covered eroded hillside york mountains
Snow covered eroded hillside of the York Mountains
places/alaska/sheets nilas sea ice overlap interlocking fingers
Sheets of nilas sea ice overlap each other with interlocking fingers
places/alaska/arctic river meanders scrub growing flood plains
An Arctic river meanders with scrub growing on the flood plains
places/alaska/dog teams line start sunday dog races shishmaref
Dog teams line up at the start of the Sunday dog races in Shishmaref
places/alaska/eskimo women share joke dog sled races watched
Eskimo women share a joke at the dog sled races, watched by Clifford
places/alaska/molly vincent tocktoo look agenda
Molly & Vincent Tocktoo look at the agenda for the
places/alaska/tribal council members ira indian reorganisation
Tribal Council Members at an IRA (Indian Reorganisation Act) meeting
places/alaska/annual indian reorganisation act meeting
Annual Indian Reorganisation Act meeting in Shishmaref
places/alaska/portrait eskimo boy warm hat
Portrait of an Eskimo boy in a warm hat
places/alaska/clifford weyiouanna checks location reindeer
Clifford Weyiouanna checks the location of his reindeer
places/alaska/eskimo sculptor
Eskimo sculptor
places/alaska/karen sinnok serves young couple shishmaref native
Karen Sinnok serves a young couple in the Shishmaref Native Store
places/alaska/karen sinnok serves elderly eskimo shopper
Karen Sinnok serves while an elderly eskimo shopper
places/alaska/karen sinnok serves elderly shopper shishmaref
Karen Sinnok serves an elderly shopper in the Shishmaref Native Store
places/alaska/eskimo elder
Eskimo elder
places/alaska/eskimo karen sinnok
Eskimo, Karen Sinnok
places/alaska/karen sinnok
Karen Sinnok
places/alaska/portrait eskimo elder clifford weyiouanna outside
Portrait of Eskimo elder Clifford Weyiouanna outside
places/alaska/eskimo elder clifford weyiouanna rifle
Eskimo elder Clifford Weyiouanna with his rifle
places/alaska/eskimo elder clifford weyiouanna rifle sled outside
Eskimo elder Clifford Weyiouanna with his rifle and sled outside his house in Shishmaref
places/alaska/eskimo tony weyiouanna transport planner desk
Eskimo, Tony Weyiouanna, Transport Planner at his desk
places/alaska/eskimo children collected school snowmobile
Eskimo children are collected from school on a snowmobile, Shishmaref
places/alaska/johnny weyiouanna roberta t
Johnny Weyiouanna & Roberta T
places/alaska/tony weyiouanna eskimo dog musher office job
Tony Weyiouanna, eskimo dog musher. His office job involves the relocation of the
places/alaska/clifford weyiouanna eskimo elder serves hotcakes
Clifford Weyiouanna, an eskimo elder, serves hotcakes in his kitchen
places/alaska/clifford weyiouanna
Clifford Weyiouanna
places/alaska/tony weyiouannas boys play basketball house
Tony Weyiouanna's boys play basketball in the house
places/alaska/tony fannie weyiouannas family friends
Tony & Fannie Weyiouanna's family and their friends
places/alaska/portrait racing husky harness eskimo
Portrait of a racing husky in harness in the eskimo
places/alaska/pair racing huskies training run pulling hard
Pair of Racing huskies out for a training run, pulling hard
places/alaska/eskimo tony weyiouanna holds brake sled
Eskimo, Tony Weyiouanna holds down the brake on his sled
places/alaska/eskimo tony weyiouanna racing dogs
Eskimo, Tony Weyiouanna with one of his racing dogs
places/alaska/eskimo tony weyiouanna takes racing dogs training
Eskimo, Tony Weyiouanna takes his racing dogs out for a training run
places/alaska/aerial view eskimo village shishmaref
Aerial view of the Eskimo village of Shishmaref
places/alaska/gold panning river near fairbanks
Gold Panning in a river near Fairbanks
places/alaska/musher dog sled trail log cabin
Musher & dog sled take a trail in front of a log cabin
places/alaska/dog sledding alaska
Dog sledding in Alaska
places/alaska/traffic continues flow fairbanks blizzard
Traffic continues to flow in Fairbanks during a blizzard
places/alaska/thermometer outside bank tells commuters cold
Thermometer outside a bank tells the commuters how cold it is
places/alaska/thermometer fairbanks shows mild 9f early winter
A Thermometer in Fairbanks shows a mild -9F in early winter
places/alaska/mile marker o zero start alaska oil
The mile marker O zero at the start of the Alaska Oil
places/alaska/oil worker wrapped
Oil worker well wrapped up
places/alaska/control room bps oil headquarters prudhoe bay
Control Room at BP's Oil Headquarters in Prudhoe Bay
places/alaska/moon flare endicott oil production island
Full moon & a flare at Endicott Oil Production Island
places/alaska/oil pipes leading oil rigs endicott
Oil Pipes leading from the Oil rigs at Endicott Is
places/alaska/caribou graze tundra prudhoe bay oil fields
Caribou graze on the tundra in the Prudhoe Bay oil fields
places/alaska/caribou graze tundra prudhoe bay oil refinery
Caribou graze on the tundra by the Prudhoe Bay oil refinery
places/alaska/insulated ducting carrying power water buildings
Insulated ducting carrying power and water to buildings
places/alaska/drilling rig winter dusk
Drilling rig in the winter dusk
places/alaska/endicott oil production island prudhoe bay north
Endicott Oil Production Island, Prudhoe Bay on the North Slope
places/alaska/oil fields pipeline prudhoe bay refinery
Oil fields and pipeline at the Prudhoe Bay Refinery
places/alaska/worker dressed cold
Worker dressed against the cold
places/alaska/oil workers drilling rig
Oil workers on a drilling rig
places/alaska/oil rig endicott island polar night
Oil rig at Endicott Island in the polar night
places/alaska/float planes alaska range mountains
Float planes with Alaska Range mountains behind
places/alaska/balsam poplar aspen trees autumn colour denali
Balsam Poplar & Aspen trees in autumn colour in Denali National Park
places/alaska/view eielson visitor centre denali national park
View from the Eielson Visitor Centre in Denali National Park
places/alaska/caribou rangifer tarandus denali national park
A Caribou (Rangifer tarandus) in Denali National Park in the autumn
places/alaska/hiking denali national park
Hiking in Denali National Park
places/alaska/mount mckinley viewed eielson visitor centre
Mount McKinley viewed from Eielson Visitor Centre in
places/alaska/mount mckinley 20 320 ft
Mount McKinley (20, 320 ft


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