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places/galapagos islands/giant tortoise lonesome george geochelone
Giant Tortoise 'Lonesome George' Geochelone
places/qaanaaq/inuit hunter team huskies pulling dog sled
Inuit hunter with his team of huskies pulling a dog sled
places/india/intricately carved wooden panel houseboat wall
Intricately carved wooden panel in a houseboat wall
places/finland/santa claus feeding reindeer
Santa Claus feeding his reindeer
places/labrador canada/innu hunting camp enen knits pair socks tent
At an Innu hunting camp, Enen, knits a pair of socks in her tent
places/jukkasjarvi/entrance ice hotel dusk
The entrance of the Ice Hotel at Dusk
places/eastern canadian arctic/first air boeing 727 jet plane runway iqaluit
A First Air Boeing 727 Jet Plane on the runway at Iqaluit Airport
various/bits/plane flies low city hong kong approaches
Plane flies low over the city of Hong Kong as it approaches
places/russia yamal/canon eos 5d digital camera frosted 40 c
A Canon EOS 5D digital camera frosted up at -40 C
places/russia yamal/worker hangs silver fox pelts state farm
A worker hangs up Silver Fox pelts at the State Farm
places/russia verkhoyansk/young yakut woman dressed winters cold
A young Yakut woman dressed for winter's cold in
places/russia verkhoyansk/winter street scene verkhoyansk coldest town
A winter street scene in Verkhoyansk the coldest town
places/russia kola peninsula/residents centre murmansk winter snow storm
Residents in the centre of Murmansk during a winter snow storm
places/russia/bottles best popular russian vodkas today
Bottles of some of the best & most popular Russian Vodkas made today
places/russia/woman walking past large soviet poster depicting
Woman walking past a large Soviet Poster depicting Lenin
places/qaanaaq/inuit hunter team huskies pulling dog sled
Inuit hunter with his team of huskies pulling a dog sled
places/qaanaaq/inuit hunter using white screen camouflage seal
Inuit hunter using white screen for camouflage while seal hunting
places/galapagos islands/giant tortoise lonesome george geochelone
Giant Tortoise 'Lonesome George' Geochelone
places/finland/santa claus drives reindeer sled snow
Santa Claus drives his reindeer sled through the snow
places/finland/santa claus long white beard
Santa Claus has a long white beard
places/eastern canadian arctic/14 year old caesar arnatsiaq poses caribou just
14 year old, Caesar Arnatsiaq, poses with a caribou he has just shot
places/eastern canadian arctic/british airways jet en route arizona makes
A British Airways jet en route to Arizona makes an
places/british pictures/portland lighthouse wild winter afternoon
Portland Bill Lighthouse on a wild winter afternoon
places/antarctica/exuberant emperor penguin chick flippers
Exuberant emperor penguin chick with flippers outstretched
places/alaska/tugs manoevering oil tanker arco fairbanks near
Tugs manoevering an oil tanker, Arco Fairbanks, near Valdez
places/british pictures/portland lighthouse wild winter afternoon
Portland Bill Lighthouse on a wild winter afternoon
places/yukon/hanging sign outside shop buys sells gold dawson
Hanging sign outside a shop that buys & sells Gold in Dawson City
places/western canadian arctic/herd musk oxen ovibos moschatus gallop snow covered
Herd of Musk Oxen, Ovibos moschatus gallop over snow covered tundra
places/russia yamal/snow blower clearing winter road near yurharovo
A snow blower clearing a winter road near the Yurharovo
places/russia yamal/kristina neyva
Kristina Neyva
places/russia yamal/barsik siamese cat urinates toilet
Barsik the Siamese cat urinates into a toilet
places/russia yamal/northern lights aurora borealis nenets reindeer
Northern lights, Aurora borealis, over a Nenets reindeer herders camp
places/russia yamal/hek nenets elder near camp obskaya gulf autumn
Hek, a Nenets elder, near his camp on the Obskaya Gulf in the autumn
places/russia yamal/nenets girl warm reindeer skin coat dusted snow
Nenets girl in warm reindeer skin coat dusted with snow
places/russia yamal/nenets woman boy stand snow covered reindeer skin
Nenets woman and boy stand by a snow covered reindeer skin tent
places/russia verkhoyansk/young yakut woman dressed winters cold
A young Yakut woman dressed for winter's cold in
places/russia verkhoyansk/yakut horse herder riding winter time near
A Yakut horse herder riding in the winter time near Verkhoyansk
places/russia pogost/elderly women returning home evening church
Elderly women returning home after an evening church
places/russia kola peninsula/sami men checking fishing nets wooden
Two Sami men out checking their fishing nets in a wooden
places/russia kola peninsula/sami woman wearing replica traditional kola
A Sami woman wearing a replica of traditional Kola
places/russia kamchatka/apartment blocks rusting facades petropavlovsk
Apartment blocks with rusting facades, in Petropavlovsk
places/russia/docks murmansk
The docks at Murmansk
places/russia/vodka traditional russian foods table
Vodka & traditional Russian foods on a table during
places/russia/young russians drinking vodka weekend party moscow
Young Russians drinking Vodka at a weekend party in a Moscow apartment. Russia
places/qaanaaq/ice floes sea ice breaks summer off coast
Ice floes as sea ice breaks up in summer off the coast
places/qaanaaq/team huskies pulls wooden boat sled
A team of huskies pulls a wooden boat on a sled as
places/qaanaaq/jeremias petersen inuit hunter savissivik
Jeremias Petersen, an Inuit hunter from Savissivik
places/qaanaaq/huskies wait haul supplies cessna caravan
Huskies wait to haul supplies from a Cessna Caravan
places/qaanaaq/cessna caravan supply plane taking off sea
A Cessna Caravan supply plane taking off from the sea
places/jukkasjarvi/ice hotel sign embedded ice lit blue light night
Ice Hotel sign embedded in ice and lit with blue light at night
places/jukkasjarvi/visiting dramatic sea ice near lulea snowmobile
Visiting the dramatic sea ice near Lulea on a snowmobile
places/jukkasjarvi/chapel ice hotel window shape cross
Chapel in the Ice Hotel, window in shape of a cross
places/finland/santa claus reindeer
Santa Claus with his reindeer
places/eastern canadian arctic/visitor arctic uses outdoor toilet screened
Visitor to the Arctic uses an outdoor toilet screened
places/eastern canadian arctic/inuit mother children traditional baffin island
Inuit mother and her children in traditional Baffin Island dress
places/eastern canadian arctic/inuit community cape dorset
The Inuit community of Cape Dorset
places/eastern canadian arctic/sea ice low tide sitting boulders
Sea ice at low tide that is sitting on boulders
places/eastern canadian arctic/c fmpn pilatus pc 12 45 royal canadian mounted
C-FMPN Pilatus PC-12/45 Royal Canadian Mounted Police
places/british pictures/elderly gentleman fly fishing river test kings
Elderly gentleman fly fishing on the River Test at Kings Sombourne
places/british pictures/wave explodes wind stack
A wave explodes against the wind around a stack of
places/british pictures/publican pulls pint guinness
Publican pulls a pint of Guinness
places/antarctica/c130 equipped skis takes off patriot hills
C130 equipped with skis takes off at Patriot Hills
places/alaska/inupiaq eskimo woman face framed fur hood parka
Inupiaq (Eskimo) woman, her face framed by a fur hood on her parka
places/western canadian arctic/musk oxen gallop snow covered tundra
Musk Oxen gallop together over snow covered tundra
places/west greenland/digger infront brightly coloured modern houses
A digger infront of brightly coloured modern houses in Ilulissat
places/west greenland/adult juvenile seagulls off iceberg
Adult and Juvenile Seagulls take off from the top of an Iceberg
places/svalbard/polar bear defecates near seal partially eaten
Polar bear defecates near a seal it has partially eaten Nelson Oya
places/svalbard/brunnichs guillemots ledges alkefjellet
Brunnich's Guillemots on ledges at Alkefjellet
places/svalbard/bust lenin bright wooden apartment block
Bust of Lenin and bright wooden apartment block in
places/svalbard/town longyearbyen mountains seen old coal dock
The town of Longyearbyen and the mountains beyond seen from the old coal dock
places/svalbard/snow trac vehicle parked summer small
Snow-trac vehicle parked up for the summer by a small
places/svalbard/houses industrial archaeology
Houses and Industrial archaeology
places/svalbard/kroa outside tables downtown longyearbyen
The Kroa with its outside tables in downtown Longyearbyen
places/svalbard/brightly coloured wooden homes shopping centre
Brightly coloured wooden homes by the shopping centre
places/svalbard/female polar bear climbs sea ice floe
Female Polar Bear climbs out of the sea onto an ice floe
places/svalbard/brightly coloured homes midnight longyearbyen
Brightly coloured homes at midnight in Longyearbyen Spitsbergen
places/svalbard/spectacular mountain scenery hornsund fjord
The spectacular mountain scenery of Hornsund Fjord, Spitsbergen
places/svalbard/brightly coloured buildings longyearbyen main
Brightly coloured buildings in Longyearbyen the main
places/siberia/ballet lesson young girls cultural centre
A ballet lesson for young girls at the Cultural Centre
places/russia western siberia/warmly dressed young women walking street
Two warmly dressed young women walking on a street
places/russia western siberia/workers lift end shift
Workers in a lift at the end of their shift at the
places/russia western siberia/woman having computer diagnostics lung functions
A woman having computer diagnostics of her lung functions
places/russia western siberia/nenet reindeer herders outside tanama trading
Nenet reindeer herders outside the Tanama trading post
places/russia taymyr/dolgan herder removes lasso draft reindeer
A Dolgan herder removes his lasso from a draft reindeer
places/russia sakhalin/bathers beach pregorodnaye sakhalin
Bathers on the beach at Pregorodnaye where Sakhalin
places/russia pogost/forestry worker chain saw stands pile
A forestry worker with a chain saw stands on a pile
places/russia magadan/russian orthodox church archangel michael
The Russian Orthodox Church of Archangel Michael in
places/russia magadan/truck famous 2
A truck on the famous 2
places/russia magadan/view centre city magadan
View of centre of the city of Magadan
places/russia magadan/ural truck carrying supplies winter road northern
An Ural truck carrying supplies on a winter road in Northern Evensk
places/russia magadan/lenin street
Lenin Street
places/russia evenkiya/evenk girl warmly dressed cold
An Evenk girl warmly dressed against the cold
places/russia chukotka/carving billiken figure walrus ivory
A carving of a Billiken figure in walrus ivory
places/russia chukotka/elderly chukchi reindeer herder traditional dress
Elderly Chukchi reindeer herder in traditional dress sits on a sled
places/russia/russian women rest bench luxury
Russian women rest on a bench in front of the luxury
places/russia/street photographer touts trade busy 5
Street photographer touts for trade on the busy '5
places/russia/russian women working production line cristall
Russian women working on a production line in the Cristall
places/russia/watched great grandaughter sasha
Watched by her great grandaughter Sasha
places/russia/katerina skarhina making fruit pie
Katerina Skarhina making a fruit pie


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