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people/siberut/mentawai medicine man gathering medicinal plants
Mentawai Medicine Man gathering medicinal plants in the rainforest
people/siberut/mentawai medicine man stands broken bulldozer
Mentawai medicine man stands on broken bulldozer in his rainforest
people/siberut/mentawai man carries pig pay medicine men cure
Mentawai man carries a pig to pay medicine men for a cure
people/siberut/mentawai girl watches door uma
Mentawai girl watches from the door of the Uma
people/siberut/children walking monsoon rains
Children walking through the monsoon rains
people/siberut/loggers sit meranti logs felled rainforest tiok
Loggers sit on Meranti logs felled from rainforest at Tiok
people/siberut/mentawai medicine man making arrows shoot monkeys
Mentawai medicine man making arrows to shoot monkeys
people/siberut/mentawai man dugout canoe goes village siberut
Mentawai man in his dugout canoe goes up to his village Siberut Is
people/siberut/mentawai men travel dugout canoe rereiket river
Mentawai men travel in a dugout canoe on the Rereiket river
people/siberut/mentawai man bakes sago bamboo sticks
A Mentawai man bakes sago in bamboo sticks over a fire
people/siberut/mentawai medicine man makes display plants
Mentawai Medicine man makes display of plants & feathers
people/siberut/mentawai medicine man examines chick entrails
Mentawai medicine man examines chick entrails he has
people/siberut/mentawai woman returns leaves uses cook sago
Mentawai woman returns with leaves she uses to cook sago in
people/siberut/young mentawai man young boy
Young Mentawai man with young boy
people/siberut/mentawai woman prepares sago longhouse
A Mentawai woman prepares sago in the longhouse
people/siberut/mentawai boy matotonan village mist
Mentawai boy and Matotonan village in mist
people/siberut/gaharu wood held collector used incense
Gaharu wood held by a collector, it is used in incense
people/siberut/mentawai medicine man gathers rainforest plants
Mentawai medicine man gathers rainforest plants he
people/siberut/young mentawai girl fishing flooded taro garden
Young Mentawai girl fishing in a flooded taro garden
people/siberut/mentawai boy plays bow arrow shooting monkeys
Mentawai boy plays with bow & arrow & shooting monkeys
people/siberut/mentawai boy small house sago palm
Mentawai boy in front of small house made of Sago Palm
people/siberut/mentawai medicine man longhouse
Mentawai medicine man in a longhouse
people/siberut/mentawai medicine man tattoed hands gathers herbs
Mentawai medicine man with tattoed hands gathers herbs Siberut Island
people/siberut/mentawai men catch breeze entrance uma
Mentawai men catch the breeze at the entrance of an Uma
people/siberut/mentawai man cuts palm branches use racks drying
Mentawai man cuts palm branches to use as racks for drying leaves
people/siberut/dead child commemorated bark durian tree
A dead child commemorated on the bark of a Durian Tree
people/siberut/dead child commemorated outline hand foot
A dead child commemorated with outline of hand & Foot
people/siberut/bow arrow ready aman baoi stalks monkey
Bow & arrow at the ready Aman Baoi stalks a monkey
people/siberut/aman baoi mentawai medicine man climbing tree
Aman Baoi, Mentawai medicine man, climbing a tree in the rainforest
people/siberut/mentawai medicine man hunts rainforest bow arrow
Mentawai Medicine Man hunts in the rainforest with bow & arrow
people/siberut/mentawai children
Mentawai children
people/siberut/mentawai medicine men drive away evil spirit
Mentawai medicine men drive away the evil spirit
people/siberut/mentawai medicine men treat woman tooth ache
Mentawai medicine men treat a woman with tooth ache
people/siberut/mentawai medicine men make potion local medicinal
Mentawai medicine men make a potion with local medicinal
people/siberut/mentawai medicine man rainforest meranti logs
Mentawai medicine man on rainforest meranti logs
people/siberut/mentawai medicine man rainforest meranti logs
Mentawai medicine man on rainforest meranti logs
people/siberut/young mentawai man young boy
Young Mentawai man with young boy