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people/kautokeino/sami reindeer herder aslak lassoes reindeer corral
people/kautokeino/herd reindeer grazing winter pastures
people/kautokeino/young saami girl
people/kautokeino/swedish forest sami boy traditional red pom pom
people/kautokeino/sami woman herder
people/kautokeino/swedish forest sami boy traditional red pom pom
people/kautokeino/17th century saami shamans magic drum vardo
people/kautokeino/replica sami shamans drum museum karasjok
people/kautokeino/northern lights
people/kautokeino/sami herder uses snow scooter herding reindeer
people/kautokeino/successful reindeer herder mercedes car
people/kautokeino/herd reindeer grazing winter pastures
people/kautokeino/young saami girls traditional costume outside
people/kautokeino/sami family karasjok pose traditional clothing
people/kautokeino/sami mattis sara helps nicholas tyler
people/kautokeino/sami man wearing traditional clothes easter reindeer
people/kautokeino/sami woman reindeer herder
people/kautokeino/sami reindeer herder uses hessian round reindeer
people/kautokeino/sami reindeer herder nils peter selects reindeer
people/kautokeino/sami reindeer herders castrate reindeer corral
people/kautokeino/sami women traditional clothing wedding kautokeino
people/kautokeino/sami man drives reindeer sled easter reindeer
people/kautokeino/sami bride bridegroom wedding group outside church
people/kautokeino/sami boy girl traditional clothing
people/kautokeino/sami mother child pull baby komse
people/kautokeino/inge ellen
people/kautokeino/traditional saami mans gakti
people/kautokeino/sami girls congratulate confirmation service
people/kautokeino/cornering speed arctic cat snowmobile
people/kautokeino/sami girl wears traditional jewelry clothes
people/kautokeino/sami reindeer herder uses hessian round reindeer
people/kautokeino/sami herder nils peter reindeer calf lassoed
people/kautokeino/sami reindeer herder nils peter lassos reindeer
people/kautokeino/sami reindeer herder erects tent lavo
people/kautokeino/saami craftsman
people/kautokeino/saami woman reindeer herder leads string reindeer
people/kautokeino/karen anna logje
people/kautokeino/sami woman berit logje daughter inga anna
people/kautokeino/saami elder rests church steps
people/kautokeino/sami women cameras jostle photograph bride
people/kautokeino/saami men traditional clothing watch easter
people/kautokeino/inside church saami wedding ceremony
people/kautokeino/sami boy nils peter leads sled reindeer start
people/kautokeino/saami herder boat leads reindeer herd summer
people/kautokeino/sami family
people/kautokeino/saami woman lavo tent sunset
people/kautokeino/saami woman
people/kautokeino/sitting sled
people/kautokeino/sami reindeer herder johan henrik logje reindeer
people/kautokeino/sami boat leads bell reindeer
people/kautokeino/saami wedding group bride groom church kautokeino
people/kautokeino/sami bride finery traditional jewelry wedding
people/kautokeino/tourist photographs group saami men traditional
people/kautokeino/saami woman sews yards ribbon trim wedding dress
people/kautokeino/5 6000 year old rock painting alta depicting moose
people/kautokeino/arctic photographer bryan alexander finnmark
people/kautokeino/saami reindeer herder nils peter gaup
people/kautokeino/saami reindeer herder nils peder gaup
people/kautokeino/saami reindeer herders aslak ante gaup brother
people/kautokeino/saami reindeer herder snowmobile moving
people/kautokeino/aslak ante gaup
people/kautokeino/reindeer winter pastures tundra near kautokeino
people/kautokeino/outside home kautokeino
people/kautokeino/isak triumf
people/kautokeino/young saami
people/kautokeino/berit logje elderly saami woman kautokeino
people/kautokeino/saami reindeer herders working reindeer
people/kautokeino/road sign near kautokeino warning motorists
people/kautokeino/reindeer winter pastures tundra near kautokeino
people/kautokeino/pastures poor condition saami herders
people/kautokeino/issat gaup young saami boy tundra spring
people/kautokeino/old decorated traditional saami reindeer
people/kautokeino/inge ellen
people/kautokeino/saami reindeer herd winter pastures tundra near
people/kautokeino/scientist svein mathiesen left
people/kautokeino/saami reindeer herd tundra winter
people/kautokeino/coiled rope lasso lasso ring
people/kautokeino/lise karita haetta
people/kautokeino/nils peder gaup
people/kautokeino/saami woman traditional dress getting snowmobile
people/kautokeino/saami woman traditional dress sits astride
people/kautokeino/saami woman walking reindeer near kautokeino
people/kautokeino/saami youth red lycra prepares ski
people/kautokeino/saami women selling handicrafts kautokeino easter
people/kautokeino/saami woman selling reindeer skins handicrafts
people/kautokeino/young saami ski reindeer race kautokeino
people/kautokeino/young girl ice fishing lake near kautokeino
people/kautokeino/saami man ice fishing lake near kautokeino
people/kautokeino/young saami men competing ice fishing competition
people/kautokeino/sami teenagers dressed traditional clothing
people/kautokeino/sami youths kofte decorated wings wornover
people/kautokeino/sami youths play confirmation
people/kautokeino/sami women congratulate youth traditional hat
people/kautokeino/sami youth kofte decorated wings wornover reindeer
people/kautokeino/sami herder mattis sara watches reindeer
people/kautokeino/contrasting transport
people/kautokeino/reindeer herd driven corral
people/kautokeino/mattis marit anne sara
people/kautokeino/local boys help reindeer corral migration


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