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aurora/northern lights aurora borealis nenets reindeer
Northern lights, Aurora borealis, over a Nenets reindeer herders camp
aurora/northern lights
The Northern Lights
places/russia yamal/inside reindeer skin tent nenets mother comforts
Inside a reindeer skin tent a Nenets mother comforts her baby
places/russia yamal/nenets woman dressed cold
Nenets woman dressed against the cold
places/russia western siberia/bank river ob autumn colour near kutop yugan
The bank of the River Ob in autumn colour near Kutop Yugan
places/russia western siberia/tundra nenets reindeer herders rest sleds
Tundra Nenets reindeer herders rest on their sleds
places/qaanaaq/eri danielsen
Eri Danielsen
places/qaanaaq/polar bear skin hanging dry meat rack outside
A Polar Bear skin hanging to dry on a meat rack outside
places/qaanaaq/kigutikak duneq drinks meltpool ice edge
Kigutikak Duneq drinks from a meltpool at the ice edge
places/qaanaaq/inuit hunter ituko skinning polar bear just
In Inuit hunter, Ituko, skinning a polar bear he has just killed
places/qaanaaq/receding glacier moves away water
Receding glacier moves away the water where it once
places/qaanaaq/icebergs sea ice just break inglefield bay
Icebergs & sea ice just after break up in Inglefield Bay
places/qaanaaq/inuit hunters using kayaks hunt narwhal summer
Inuit hunters using kayaks to hunt Narwhal in the summer
places/qaanaaq/inuit family manouevre an open boat melting
An Inuit family manouevre an an open boat through melting
places/qaanaaq/blue arctic fox
A blue Arctic Fox
places/qaanaaq/inuit boy making small sled traditional
An Inuit boy making a small sled during a traditional
places/qaanaaq/frost smoke rises open sea 40c inuit
Frost smoke rises from the open sea at -40C as an Inuit
places/qaanaaq/huskies curled warm severe winter
Huskies curled up to keep warm during a severe winter
places/eastern canadian arctic/inuit hunter stands snowmobile better
An Inuit hunter stands on his snowmobile to get a better
places/antarctica/tabular iceberg grease ice reflecting weddell
Tabular iceberg and grease ice reflecting in the Weddell
places/antarctica/large tabular iceberg catches light windy day
A large tabular iceberg catches the light on a windy day, Weddell Sea
places/antarctica/wind blowing water flattened nearby ice
Wind blowing over water that is flattened by nearby ice
places/antarctica/small group cape petrels pintado petrels avoid
A small group of Cape Petrels/Pintado Petrels avoid
places/antarctica/large numbers cape petrels pintado petrels glide
Large numbers of Cape Petrels/Pintado Petrels glide
places/antarctica/pintado petrel skims waves drake passage
Pintado petrel skims over the waves in the Drake Passage
places/antarctica/martial mountains eastern ushuaia
Martial Mountains behind the eastern side of Ushuaia
places/antarctica/mountain peak ushuaia martial mountains
Mountain peak behind Ushuaia, part of the Martial Mountains
places/russia western siberia/alla nenets girl
Alla, A Nenets girl
places/qaanaaq/mamarut inuit hunter
Mamarut, an Inuit hunter
aurora/northern lights aurora borealis nenets reindeer
1 Jul 2009
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places/qaanaaq/huskies curled warm severe winter
2 Jul 2009
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places/russia western siberia/tundra nenets reindeer herders rest sleds
3 Jul 2009
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