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14 Jul 2008

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places/eastern canadian arctic/inuit artist
Inuit artist
places/qaanaaq/ice floes sea ice breaks summer off coast
Ice floes as sea ice breaks up in summer off the coast
places/svalbard/snow trac vehicle parked summer small
Snow-trac vehicle parked up for the summer by a small
places/svalbard/houses industrial archaeology
Houses and Industrial archaeology
places/svalbard/kroa outside tables downtown longyearbyen
The Kroa with its outside tables in downtown Longyearbyen
places/eastern canadian arctic/journalist hania luczak interviewing alukie metuq
Journalist Hania Luczak interviewing Alukie Metuq
animals/walrus/young bull walrus companion shallow water
Young bull walrus and companion in shallow water
places/svalbard/guard rifle tourists visit
The guard with a rifle and some tourists visit the
places/svalbard/purple saxifrage flower uncharateristic long pointed
Purple Saxifrage flower with uncharateristic long pointed petals
places/svalbard/polar willow flowering rocks lateral
Polar Willow flowering between rocks on the lateral
places/svalbard/visitors photograph lateral moraine ankerbreen
Visitors photograph on the lateral moraine by Ankerbreen
places/svalbard/purple saxifrage flowers rocks lateral
Purple Saxifrage flowers amongst rocks on the lateral
places/svalbard/man rifle guards photographers polar bears
Man with rifle guards the photographers from Polar Bears
places/svalbard/keen photographers ship photograph walrus
Keen photographers from a ship photograph a walrus
places/svalbard/tourists wildlife photography cruise walk
Tourists on a wildlife photography cruise walk up the
places/svalbard/young bull walrus shallow water watching arctic
Young bull walrus in shallow water, watching an arctic tern
places/svalbard/young bull walrus scratching shallow water
Young bull walrus scratching in shallow water
places/svalbard/young bull walrus shallow water
Young bull walrus in shallow water
places/svalbard/keen photographers ship carefully approach walrus
Keen photographers from a ship carefully approach walrus
places/svalbard/scientific settlement ny alesund
The scientific settlement of Ny Alesund
places/svalbard/small pile bird dropping snow bunting
A small pile of bird dropping from a snow bunting that
places/svalbard/visitor blomstrand stands huge glacial erratic
Visitor to Blomstrand stands by a huge glacial erratic on the tundra
places/svalbard/lichens including dark grey umbilicaria growing
Lichens, including dark grey Umbilicaria growing
places/svalbard/purple saxifrage reindeer moss thrive shelter
Purple saxifrage and reindeer moss thrive in the shelter
places/svalbard/5 5 purple saxifrage lichen shattered glacial
no 5 of 5, Purple saxifrage and lichen on a shattered Glacial erratic
places/svalbard/4 5 purple saxifrage lichen shattered glacial
no 4 of 5, Purple saxifrage and lichen on a shattered Glacial erratic
places/svalbard/3 5 plants lichen shattered glacial erratic
no 3 of 5, Plants and lichen on a shattered Glacial erratic
places/svalbard/2 5 shattered glacial erratic rests smooth
no 2 of 5, Shattered Glacial erratic rests in a smooth
places/svalbard/1 5 shattered glacial erratic rests smooth
no 1 of 5, Shattered Glacial erratic rests in a smooth
places/svalbard/photographers photograph ptarmigan sitting glacial
Photographers photograph a ptarmigan sitting on a glacial
places/svalbard/glacial erratic perched tundra blomstrandhalvoya
Glacial erratic perched on the tundra at Blomstrandhalvoya
places/svalbard/photographer rock blomstrandhalvoya
Photographer with a detail on a rock at Blomstrandhalvoya
places/svalbard/purple saxifrage flower abandoned railway
Purple saxifrage in flower by the abandoned railway
places/svalbard/mountains glaciers west coast spitsbergen
Mountains and glaciers on the West coast of Spitsbergen with
places/svalbard/squally snow shower north west coast spitsbergen
A squally snow shower along the north west coast of Spitsbergen
places/svalbard/northern fulmar flight
Northern Fulmar in flight
places/svalbard/ice covered sand soil edge kongsbreen glacier
Ice covered by sand and soil at the edge of the Kongsbreen glacier
places/svalbard/darker northern fulmar low evening light kongsbreen
Darker Northern Fulmar in low evening light by the Kongsbreen Glacier
places/svalbard/spray wave caused lumps ice falling
Spray and wave caused by lumps of ice falling
places/svalbard/substantial lumps ice fall the
Substantial lumps of ice fall from the front of the
places/svalbard/bright blue ice end tidewater glacier
Bright blue ice at the end of a tidewater glacier where
places/svalbard/moraine kongsfjord glacier retreated
Moraine at the side of Kongsfjord, where the glacier has retreated
places/svalbard/eiscat satellite dish runway ny alesund
The Eiscat satellite dish by the runway at Ny Alesund
places/svalbard/snow flurry just south danskoya
Snow flurry just south of Danskoya
places/svalbard/icicles slab thawing sea ice
Icicles on a slab of thawing sea ice that has become
places/svalbard/passengers professor mulchanov photograph
Passengers on the Professor Mulchanov photograph a
places/svalbard/polar bear hunting close pack ice south
Polar bear hunting on the close pack ice south of Spitsbergen
places/svalbard/summer pack ice off south coast spitsbergen
Summer pack ice off the south coast of Spitsbergen
places/svalbard/kittiwake flies slowly breaking sea ice looking
Kittiwake flies slowly over breaking up sea ice looking for food
places/svalbard/retired couple holiday cruise spitsbergen
Retired couple on holiday cruise in Spitsbergen
places/svalbard/pipe smoking photographer wooly hat holiday arctic
Pipe smoking photographer in a wooly hat on holiday in the Arctic
places/svalbard/stylish older woman enjoys arctic adventure cruise
Stylish older woman enjoys an arctic adventure cruise to Spitsbergen
places/svalbard/kittiwake flight
Kittiwake in flight
places/svalbard/remnants multi year sea ice thawing near
Remnants of multi year sea ice thawing near Spitsbergen
places/svalbard/altocumulus clouds sea ice off south coast
Altocumulus clouds over sea ice off the south coast of Spitsbergen
places/svalbard/turquoise pool meltwater ice floe off
Turquoise pool of meltwater on an ice floe off the
places/svalbard/woman passenger professor mulchanov enjoys pack
Woman Passenger on the Professor Mulchanov enjoys the pack ice
places/svalbard/sharp edge arete
The sharp edge of an arete
places/svalbard/distinctive bautaen mountain
The distinctive Bautaen Mountain
places/svalbard/plateau shaped mountains level sedimentary layers
Plateau shaped mountains of level sedimentary layers
places/svalbard/brunnichs guillemots single glaucous gull
Brunnich's Guillemots and a single Glaucous Gull
places/svalbard/rock pinnacles brightly coloured lichens plants
Rock pinnacles with brightly coloured lichens and plants
places/svalbard/braemfjellet mountain kvelfanarbreen austre
Braemfjellet mountain and Kvelfanarbreen in Austre Burgerbukta
places/svalbard/mountains brepollen reflected water
Mountains by Brepollen reflected in the water on the
places/svalbard/passengers professor mulchanov look distant
Passengers on the Professor Mulchanov look for a distant
places/svalbard/entrance brepollen sea ice completely thawed
At the entrance to Brepollen the sea ice has almost completely thawed
places/svalbard/sea ice samarinbreen glacier showing
The Sea ice below Samarinbreen or Glacier is showing
places/svalbard/sea ice thawing austre burgerbukta
Sea ice thawing in Austre Burgerbukta
places/svalbard/girls exercise dog riding bicycles
Two girls exercise a dog while riding their bicycles
places/svalbard/truck coal 7 way power
Truck full of coal from mine 7 on its way to the power
places/svalbard/arctic skua flight
Arctic skua in flight
places/svalbard/female eider ducks nests duck sanctuary
Female Eider Ducks on their nests in the duck sanctuary
places/svalbard/tourists cafe longyearbyen
Tourists in a cafe in Longyearbyen
places/svalbard/time field guide narve johansen husky inuk
Part time field guide Narve Johansen with husky Inuk
places/svalbard/gail goldberg examines rocks
Gail Goldberg examines rocks
places/svalbard/time field guide narve johansen longyearbreen
Part time field guide Narve Johansen on the Longyearbreen
places/svalbard/gail goldberg breaks rocks look fossils high
Gail Goldberg breaks rocks to look for fossils high
places/svalbard/view longyearbreen moraine
View up Longyearbreen from the moraine
places/svalbard/time field guide narve johansen carries rifle
Part time field guide Narve Johansen carries a rifle
places/svalbard/gail goldberg husky inuk clamber
Gail Goldberg and the Husky Inuk clamber up towards
places/svalbard/tourist mountain guide walk moraine longyearbreen
Tourist and a mountain guide walk up to the moraine on Longyearbreen
places/svalbard/eiscat svalbard radar dishes just 7 adventdalen
Eiscat Svalbard Radar dishes just above Mine 7 in Adventdalen
places/svalbard/roof svalbard global seed vault popularly
The roof of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault popularly
places/svalbard/svalbard global seed vault popularly known doomsday
Svalbard Global Seed Vault popularly known as the Doomsday Vault
places/svalbard/stuffed polar bear sits centre baggage
A stuffed Polar bear sits on the centre of the baggage
places/svalbard/polar bear skins head mounts fur shop longyearbyen
Two Polar bear skins with head mounts in the fur shop in Longyearbyen
places/svalbard/inside skin shop
Inside the skin shop
places/svalbard/brightly coloured wooden houses mining
Brightly coloured wooden houses behind one of the mining
places/svalbard/male grey phalarope drabber female
The male Grey Phalarope is drabber than the female
places/svalbard/girl red hair blue eyes wooly hat
Girl with red hair, blue eyes and a wooly hat
places/svalbard/little girl wearing warm hat norwegian flag
Little girl wearing a warm hat with a Norwegian flag
The Church
places/svalbard/braided river running glacial meltwater shines
Braided river running with glacial meltwater shines
places/svalbard/mountains nunataks clothed ice glaciers
Mountains and Nunataks clothed in ice and glaciers
places/svalbard/terminal moraine glaciers divided sharp
Terminal moraine from two glaciers divided by a sharp
places/svalbard/dramatic landscape carved glaciers soft
A dramatic landscape carved by Glaciers in the soft
places/svalbard/heavily glaciated spitsbergen cirques sharp
Heavily glaciated Spitsbergen with cirques and sharp
places/svalbard/low stratus cloud sharp aretes glaciated
Low stratus cloud and sharp aretes in the glaciated


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