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places/svalbard/town longyearbyen mountains seen old coal dock
The town of Longyearbyen and the mountains beyond seen from the old coal dock
icebergs/small iceberg thawing sea ice mouth brepollen
Small iceberg and thawing sea ice at the mouth to Brepollen Fiord
animals/walrus/pair male walrus hauled ice floe
A pair of male walrus hauled out on an ice floe amongst
places/svalbard/aerial view tidewater glacier sw
Aerial view of a tidewater glacier in SW
places/svalbard/aerial view glacier sw spitsbergen
Aerial view of a glacier in SW Spitsbergen
places/svalbard/aerial view south oscar ii land seen
Aerial view of the south of Oscar II Land seen
places/svalbard/graphic roof lines
Graphic roof lines
places/svalbard/graphic roof lines buildings centre longyearbyen
Graphic roof lines from the buildings in the centre of Longyearbyen
places/svalbard/little auks flight
Little Auks in flight
places/svalbard/svalbard reindeer grazes pools water adventdalen
A Svalbard reindeer grazes between the pools of water in Adventdalen
places/svalbard/svalbard reindeer graze pools water adventdalen
Svalbard reindeer graze between the pools of water in Adventdalen
places/svalbard/bell haugen old town longyearbyen
A bell up by Haugen, the old town of Longyearbyen
places/svalbard/lake ice thaws isdammen
As the lake ice thaws on Isdammen
places/svalbard/white van negotiates hairpin bends road 7
A white van negotiates the hairpin bends on the road from mine 7
places/svalbard/photographer martin eisenhawer telephoto lens
Photographer Martin Eisenhawer with a telephoto lens in Adventdalen
places/svalbard/small avalanche tracks walls valley glacier
Small avalanche tracks down the walls of a valley glacier
places/svalbard/stratus clouds form glaciers
Stratus clouds form on the glaciers at the top of the
places/svalbard/sunshine glows cloud cape reuschhalvoya
The sunshine glows in the cloud over the cape on Reuschhalvoya
places/svalbard/kittiwake flies past cave face magdalenebreen
A kittiwake flies past a cave in the face of Magdalenebreen
places/svalbard/magdalenebreen magdalene fiord
Magdalenebreen in Magdalene Fiord
places/svalbard/magdalenebreen magdalene fiord noorderlicht just
Magdalenebreen in Magdalene Fiord, Noorderlicht just by the glacier
places/svalbard/professor mulchanov magdalene fiord fine day
Professor Mulchanov in Magdalene Fiord on a fine day
places/svalbard/magdalene fiord fine day altostratus clouds
Magdalene Fiord on a fine day with altostratus clouds
places/svalbard/professor mulchanov waits narrow channel
Professor Mulchanov waits in the narrow channel by
places/svalbard/expedition leader helps passenger ice foot
Expedition Leader helps a passenger over the ice foot
places/svalbard/pair male walrus hauled ice floe
A pair of male walrus hauled out on an ice floe amongst
places/svalbard/expedition cruise ship grigoriy mikheev encounters
Expedition Cruise ship Grigoriy Mikheev encounters
places/svalbard/polar bear leaves remains bearded seal
Polar bear leaves the remains of a bearded seal to
places/svalbard/thirsty polar bear eats clean snow glaucous gull
Thirsty Polar Bear eats clean snow and a Glaucous Gull
places/svalbard/light snow falls
As light snow falls
places/svalbard/polar bear looks check close ship meal
The Polar bear looks up to check how close the ship is to his meal
places/svalbard/polar bear eats remains bearded seal
Polar bear eats the remains of a bearded seal on the
places/svalbard/photographers bows professor mulchanov
Photographers on the bows of the Professor Mulchanov
places/svalbard/young bear tears skin dead bearded seal
Young bear tears at the skin of a dead bearded seal
places/svalbard/young male polar bear approaches dead seal gulls
Young male polar bear approaches a dead seal where gulls are feeding
places/svalbard/young male polar bear approaches big bears near
Young male polar bear approaches two very big bears near their kill
places/svalbard/young male polar bear approaches big bears near
Young male polar bear approaches two big bears near their kill
places/svalbard/bears sitting kill fed earlier
Two bears sitting around a kill they have fed from earlier
places/svalbard/polar bear tracks snow wet sea ice summer
Polar bear tracks in thin snow over wet sea ice in summer
places/svalbard/snow covers jumbled blocks sea ice
Snow covers jumbled blocks of thin sea ice
places/svalbard/photographers long telephoto lenses outnumber
Photographers with long telephoto lenses outnumber
places/svalbard/group male walrus varying ages
A group of male walrus of varying ages
places/svalbard/rock totally covered reindeer moss lichens
Rock totally covered in reindeer moss and other lichens
places/svalbard/rock totally covered pale lichen rust fruiting
Rock totally covered in a pale lichen with rust fruiting bodies
places/svalbard/frost fractured rock covered black grey lichen
Frost fractured rock covered in black and grey lichen
places/svalbard/purple saxifrage flowers sharply eroded rocks
Purple saxifrage flowers amongst sharply eroded rocks
places/svalbard/meltstream runs rocks snow
Meltstream runs over rocks and under snow
places/svalbard/rock covered black orange lichen
Rock covered in black and Orange lichen
places/svalbard/tourists walk deep snow high tinayre bukta
Tourists walk in deep snow high above Tinayre Bukta, Krossfjorden
places/svalbard/photographer dos winkel stops ridge moss covered
Photographer Dos Winkel stops on a ridge of Moss covered
places/svalbard/walkers stop ridge moss covered tundra high
Walkers stop on a ridge of Moss covered tundra high
places/svalbard/rock covered rich crust dark pale lichens
Rock covered in a rich crust of both dark and pale lichens
places/svalbard/zodiacs leave professor mulchanov tinayre bukta
Two zodiacs leave the Professor Mulchanov in Tinayre Bukta
places/svalbard/moss covered tundra
Moss covered tundra
places/svalbard/moss covered tundra snow patches tinayre bukta
Moss covered tundra and snow patches, Tinayre Bukta, Krossfjorden
places/svalbard/500 berth cruise ship albatros small blue
The 500 berth cruise ship Albatros by a small blue
places/svalbard/500 berth cruise ship albatros lilliebreen
The 500 berth cruise ship Albatros by the Lilliebreen
places/svalbard/small piece iceberg ice water pale blue
Small piece of iceberg ice in water that is pale blue
places/svalbard/thawing sea ice mouth krossfjorden spitsbergen
Thawing sea ice in the mouth of Krossfjorden Spitsbergen
places/svalbard/iceberg ice turquoise blue lilliehookbreen
Iceberg ice, turquoise blue, by Lilliehookbreen
places/svalbard/arctic terns rest piece iceberg ice
Arctic terns rest on a piece of iceberg ice by Lilliehookbreen
places/svalbard/looking cloudy lilliehookfjorden sun
Looking along a cloudy Lilliehookfjorden to the sun
places/svalbard/zodiac returns professor mulchanov grey misty day
Zodiac returns to the Professor Mulchanov on a grey misty day
places/svalbard/old mining train ny alesund
The old mining train in Ny Alesund
places/svalbard/late june lot snow
Late June, there is a lot of snow around
places/svalbard/ny alesund group biologists prepare
In Ny Alesund a group of biologists prepare to go out
places/svalbard/brunnichs guillemots head sea feed
Brunnich's Guillemots head out to sea to feed under
places/svalbard/heavy grey clouds waves off entrance bellsund
Heavy grey clouds and waves off the entrance to Bellsund
places/svalbard/photographers professor mulchanov pictures
Photographers on the Professor Mulchanov take pictures
places/svalbard/altocumulus reflected ice free high arctic waters
Altocumulus reflected in almost ice free high arctic waters
places/svalbard/single winter ice floe advanced state thaw
Single winter ice floe in an advanced state of thaw in Storfjorden
places/svalbard/single winter ice floe storfjorden
Single winter ice floe in Storfjorden
places/svalbard/kittiwake flying
Kittiwake flying
places/svalbard/kittiwake searches small fish ice floes
Kittiwake searches for small fish between ice floes in Storfjorden
places/svalbard/kittiwake taking off having dived small fish
Kittiwake taking off having dived for a small fish
places/svalbard/group brunnichs guillemot
Group of Brunnich's Guillemot
places/svalbard/spiral formation stratus cloud
Spiral formation in stratus cloud
places/svalbard/ice reflection
Ice and its reflection
places/svalbard/sea ice thaws rapidly 24 hour sunlight
Sea ice thaws rapidly under 24 hour sunlight
places/svalbard/calm sea water thawing ice floes
The calm sea water between the thawing ice floes
places/svalbard/line brunnichs guillemots fly low
A line of Brunnich's Guillemots fly low over the
places/svalbard/layers cloud mask mountains eastern spitsbergen
Layers of cloud mask the mountains of Eastern Spitsbergen in Storfjorden
places/svalbard/floe edge open water fast ice hornsund
Floe edge between open water and fast ice in Hornsund
places/svalbard/orographic clouds forms mountain hornsund fjord
Orographic clouds forms against a mountain in Hornsund Fjord
places/svalbard/orographic clouds forms highest mountains
Orographic clouds forms by two of the highest mountains
places/svalbard/tourists bows professor mulchanov watch
Tourists on the bows of the Professor Mulchanov watch
places/svalbard/norwegian man photographs hornsund fjord sunny
Norwegian man photographs in Hornsund Fjord on a sunny day
places/svalbard/orographic clouds start condense off end
Orographic clouds start to condense off the end of Braemfjellet
places/svalbard/reflections glaciers clouds mountains burgerbukta
Reflections of the glaciers, clouds and mountains in Burgerbukta
places/svalbard/photographing bows professor mulchanov
Photographing from the bows of the Professor Mulchanov
places/svalbard/cemetery longyearbyen old graves
The cemetery in Longyearbyen has always been for old graves
places/svalbard/northerly sundial world longyearbyen
The most northerly sundial in the world, in Longyearbyen
places/svalbard/fan high cirrus cloud mountains hornsund
A fan of high Cirrus cloud over the mountains of Hornsund
places/svalbard/blonde woman turquoise jacket photographers
Blonde woman in a turquoise jacket with photographers
places/svalbard/small tour ship origo brepollen fiord flat
Small tour ship Origo in Brepollen Fiord with the flat
places/svalbard/details turquoise iceberg reflected sunny day
Details of a turquoise iceberg reflected on a sunny day
places/svalbard/thawing sea ice mouth brepollen fiord
Thawing sea ice at the mouth to Brepollen Fiord
places/svalbard/reflection hornsundtind
Reflection of Hornsundtind
The Noorderlicht


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