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8 Jun 2007

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people/kautokeino/herd reindeer grazing winter pastures
A herd of reindeer grazing at their winter pastures
animals/penguins/emperor penguin chick spreads tiny wings parent
Emperor Penguin Chick spreads its tiny wings by its parent
people/kautokeino/17th century saami shamans magic drum vardo
17th Century Saami Shaman's magic drum from Vardø
people/kautokeino/herd reindeer grazing winter pastures
A herd of reindeer grazing at their winter pastures
places/antarctica/adult emperor penguins large healthy chick raised
Adult Emperor Penguins with a large, healthy chick they have raised
places/antarctica/emperor penguin adult communicates small chick
Emperor penguin adult communicates with a small chick on its feet
places/antarctica/photographer telephoto lens sits waits
Photographer with a telephoto lens sits and waits for
places/antarctica/emperor penguin adult communicates small chick
Emperor penguin adult communicates with a small chick on its feet
animals/penguins/curious emperor penguin chick fat downy
Curious Emperor Penguin chick, fat and downy
people/kautokeino/traditional saami mans gakti
The back of a traditional Saami man's Gakti
places/siberia/reindeer graze multicoloured summer tundra grasses
Reindeer graze on the multicoloured summer tundra of grasses & sedges
places/russia yamal/bull reindeer grazing tundra summer
Bull Reindeer grazing on the tundra during Summer
animals/penguins/emperor penguins walk line icebergs
Emperor Penguins walk in a line between icebergs
animals/penguins/kelp gull hovers emperor penguins snow hill island
A Kelp Gull hovers over the Emperor Penguins at Snow Hill Island
animals/penguins/emperor penguin adult feed chick
Emperor Penguin adult about to feed its chick amongst
animals/penguins/emperor penguin small chick
Emperor Penguin with small chick
people/kautokeino/5 6000 year old rock painting alta depicting moose
5-6000 year old rock painting from Alta depicting a moose and hunters
people/kautokeino/arctic photographer bryan alexander finnmark
Arctic photographer, Bryan Alexander, in Finnmark, North Norway
people/kautokeino/saami reindeer herder nils peder gaup
Saami reindeer herder Nils Peder Gaup
people/kautokeino/saami reindeer herders aslak ante gaup brother
Saami reindeer herders Aslak Ante Gaup and his brother
people/kautokeino/saami reindeer herder snowmobile moving
A Saami reindeer herder on a snowmobile moving his
people/kautokeino/aslak ante gaup
Aslak Ante Gaup
people/kautokeino/reindeer winter pastures tundra near kautokeino
Reindeer at their winter pastures on the tundra near Kautokeino
people/kautokeino/outside home kautokeino
Outside his home in Kautokeino
people/kautokeino/young saami
Young Saami
people/kautokeino/berit logje elderly saami woman kautokeino
Berit Logje, an elderly Saami woman from Kautokeino
people/kautokeino/saami reindeer herders working reindeer
Saami reindeer herders working with their reindeer
people/kautokeino/road sign near kautokeino warning motorists
Road sign near Kautokeino warning motorists of reindeer
people/kautokeino/reindeer winter pastures tundra near kautokeino
A reindeer at its winter pastures on the tundra near Kautokeino
people/kautokeino/pastures poor condition saami herders
When pastures are in poor condition some Saami herders
people/kautokeino/issat gaup young saami boy tundra spring
Issat Gaup, a young Saami boy, out on the tundra in the Spring
people/kautokeino/old decorated traditional saami reindeer
An old decorated part of a traditional Saami reindeer
people/kautokeino/saami reindeer herd winter pastures tundra near
A Saami reindeer herd at their winter pastures on he tundra near Kautokeino
people/kautokeino/scientist svein mathiesen left
Scientist, Svein Mathiesen (left)
people/kautokeino/saami reindeer herd tundra winter
A Saami reindeer herd on the tundra at their winter
people/kautokeino/coiled rope lasso lasso ring
Detail of a coiled rope lasso with a lasso ring made
people/kautokeino/nils peder gaup
Nils Peder Gaup
people/kautokeino/saami woman traditional dress getting snowmobile
A Saami woman in traditional dress getting onto a Snowmobile
people/kautokeino/saami woman traditional dress sits astride
A Saami woman in traditional dress sits astride a Snowmobile
people/kautokeino/saami woman walking reindeer near kautokeino
A Saami woman walking amongst reindeer near Kautokeino
people/kautokeino/saami youth red lycra prepares ski
A Saami youth in red lycra prepares to ski behind his
people/kautokeino/saami women selling handicrafts kautokeino easter
Saami women selling handicrafts at the Kautokeino Easter Festival
people/kautokeino/saami woman selling reindeer skins handicrafts
A Saami woman selling reindeer skins and handicrafts
people/kautokeino/young saami ski reindeer race kautokeino
Young Saami ski behind reindeer during a race at Kautokeino
people/kautokeino/young girl ice fishing lake near kautokeino
A young girl ice fishing on a lake near Kautokeino
people/kautokeino/saami man ice fishing lake near kautokeino
A Saami man ice fishing on a lake near Kautokeino
people/kautokeino/young saami men competing ice fishing competition
Young Saami men competing in an ice fishing competition
icebergs/eroded iceberg frozen sea ice snow hill island
Well eroded iceberg frozen into the sea ice at Snow Hill Island
icebergs/alpenglow large tabular iceberg weddell sea
Alpenglow over a large tabular iceberg in the Weddell Sea
places/british pictures/snakeshead fritilliary flowers coat frost dorset
Snakeshead Fritilliary flowers with a coat of frost in a Dorset garden
places/antarctica/russian icebreaker cruise ship kapitan khlebnikov
Russian icebreaker and cruise ship Kapitan Khlebnikov
places/antarctica/antarctic sea ice icebergs tiny line
Antarctic sea ice with icebergs and a tiny line of
places/antarctica/antarctic sea ice icebergs line emperor
Antarctic sea ice with icebergs and a line of Emperor
places/antarctica/passengers close emperor
Passengers get as close as they can to the emperor
places/antarctica/icicles hang edge undercut iceberg
Icicles hang from the edge of an undercut iceberg by
places/antarctica/emperor penguin colony chicks
Emperor Penguin colony of mostly chicks
places/antarctica/curious emperor penguin chick
Curious Emperor Penguin chick
places/antarctica/penguins return sea ice feed chicks
Penguins return across the sea ice to feed their chicks
places/antarctica/lots photographers snow hill island emperor penguin
Lots of photographers at the Snow Hill Island Emperor Penguin colony
places/antarctica/emperor penguin colony visitors backdrop
Emperor Penguin colony and visitors with a backdrop
places/antarctica/group emperor penguin parents tiny chick feet
Group of Emperor Penguin parents, one with a tiny chick on its feet
places/antarctica/emperor penguin tiny chick feet
Emperor Penguin with her tiny chick on her feet
places/antarctica/emperor penguin tiny chick feet leans
Emperor Penguin with her tiny chick on her feet leans
places/antarctica/emperor penguin chicks pay little attention
Emperor Penguin chicks pay little attention to the
places/antarctica/antarctic skua displays white wing patches
Antarctic Skua displays his white wing patches
places/antarctica/adult emperor penguin walks shiny sea ice
Adult Emperor Penguin walks beside some shiny sea ice
places/antarctica/brown skua feeds remains emperor penguin chick
Brown Skua feeds on the remains of an Emperor Penguin chick
places/antarctica/adult emperor penguins lean large
Adult Emperor Penguins lean over a large
places/antarctica/emperor penguin adults chicks feet
Two Emperor penguin adults with chicks on their feet
places/antarctica/emperor penguin adults display chicks
Two Emperor penguin adults display to two chicks
places/antarctica/emperor penguin adult small chick feet
Emperor penguin adult with a small chick on its feet
places/antarctica/emperor penguin chick parents feet pecked large
Emperor penguin chick on its parents feet is pecked by a large
places/antarctica/emperor penguin small chick feet
Emperor penguin with a small chick on its feet
places/antarctica/emperor penguin adults chicks backdrop
Emperor penguin adults and chicks with a backdrop of
places/antarctica/lines emperor penguin chicks group
Lines of Emperor penguin chicks move from group to
places/antarctica/photographing icicles hanging off ice snow hill
Photographing icicles hanging off the ice on Snow Hill Island
places/antarctica/emperor penguin adults displays chick
Emperor Penguin adults displays to their chick
places/antarctica/emperor penguin adult displays chick
Emperor Penguin adult displays to its chick amongst
places/antarctica/emperor penguin adult pestered feed chick
Emperor Penguin adult is pestered to feed its chick
places/antarctica/emperor penguin adults display chick
Emperor Penguin adults display to a chick amongst the
places/antarctica/emperor penguin watches visitor
Emperor Penguin watches a visitor
places/antarctica/emperor penguin calling
Emperor Penguin calling
places/antarctica/stiff feathers tail emperor penguin adult
Stiff feathers on the tail of an Emperor Penguin adult
places/antarctica/emperor penguin adult portrait
Emperor Penguin adult portrait
places/antarctica/emperor penguin chicks play piece ice
Emperor Penguin chicks play with a piece of ice as
places/antarctica/temperature zero water frozen
With the temperature below zero and all water frozen
places/antarctica/pretty girl camera draws audience emperor
A pretty girl with a camera draws an audience of Emperor
places/antarctica/adult emperor penguin small chick
Adult Emperor penguin with its very small chick
places/antarctica/adult emperor penguin chick chick asking food
Adult Emperor penguin with its chick, the chick is asking for food
places/antarctica/adult emperor penguins chick asking food
Adult Emperor penguins with their chick, it is asking for food
Serious photographers
places/antarctica/close emperor penguin chick looking
Close up of Emperor Penguin Chick from behind looking
places/antarctica/close emperor penguin chick profile
Close up of Emperor Penguin Chick in profile
places/antarctica/emperor penguins watch photographer tripod
Emperor Penguins watch a photographer with a tripod
places/antarctica/adult emperor penguins display
Adult Emperor Penguins display to each other in the
places/antarctica/emperor penguin chick line photographers
Emperor Penguin chick by a line of photographers
places/antarctica/emperor penguin chicks run tourist yellow
Emperor Penguin chicks run towards a tourist in a yellow
places/antarctica/emperor penguin chick warms sitting head first
Emperor Penguin chick warms up by sitting head first under its parent
places/antarctica/line emperor penguins cross sea ice icebergs
Line of Emperor Penguins cross sea ice between icebergs


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