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31 Oct 2006

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icebergs/iceberg reflected pool meltwater midnight sun
icebergs/wind clouds cirrus forming sea ice northwest
icebergs/icebergs new sea ice forming sunset autumn
icebergs/recently rolled iceberg shows ridges formed water
icebergs/moon rising large iceberg inglefield
icebergs/inuit hunter kigutikak duneq dog sled ice cave
icebergs/grounded iceberg
icebergs/iceberg floats sea off greenland summer
historic arctic prints/boats swell ice
historic arctic prints/portrait sir john franklin
historic arctic prints/whale melville bay
historic arctic prints/portrait sir william edward parry
historic arctic prints/19th century print greenland whale approached
historic arctic prints/19th century print breaching greenland whale
people/game keepers/dashwood takes pheasant spaniel
people/game keepers/grouse keeper c
people/game keepers/lord bidulph looks shotgun keeper american gun
people/game keepers/shooting grouse butt heather moorland scotland
people/game keepers/stalker client stalk red deer hill
people/game keepers/geoffrey dashwood spaniel bumble
places/galapagos islands/tourists early morning panga ride mangroves
places/galapagos islands/tour group volcano isla bartolome galapagos
places/galapagos islands/parasitic cone
places/galapagos islands/dead galapagos fur seal pup puerto egas santiago
places/galapagos islands/galapagos penguin marine iguana
places/galapagos islands/giant galapagos tortoise eating leaves cactus
people/fox hunting/rider takes tumble massive hedge fox hunting
places/finland/lake sami travelling pulka
places/finland/lycra clad boy skis reindeer reindeer race
places/finland/santa claus drives reindeer sled snow
places/finland/portrait santa claus long white beard
places/finland/reindeer caribou large rounded feet walking deep
places/ellesmere island/cotton grass tundra near lake hazen
places/ellesmere island/inuit women small shop grise fiord
places/east greenland/dramatic mountainside kejser franz josepf fjord
people/cree/cree woman elizabeth brien beaver skin stretched
people/cree/cree goose hunter
people/cree/main lg2 spillway dam james bay hydro comlex
places/canada/building igloo hard snow big knife cut blocks
places/canada/aerial view canadian shield near hudson bay
places/british pictures/blue campanula stachys lantana flower bed
landscapes/arctic landscapes/native community uelen pounded heavy seas
plants trees/arctic flowers/moss campion silene acaulis arctic avens dryas
plants trees/arctic flowers/arctic willow
places/western canadian arctic/young indian men perform drum songs slavey
places/western canadian arctic/caribou trot frozen lake spring migration
places/western canadian arctic/joe punch slavey dene indian man trout lake
places/western canadian arctic/julie punch slavey dene indian woman
places/western canadian arctic/julie punch slavey dene indian woman trout
places/western canadian arctic/log home slavey dene indian community trout
places/western canadian arctic/julie punch
places/western canadian arctic/moise punch slavey dene indian hunter trout
places/western canadian arctic/moise punch
places/western canadian arctic/traditional slavey
places/western canadian arctic/band office slavey indian dene community trout
places/western canadian arctic/young slavey dene indian man trout lake outside
places/western canadian arctic/inuit children collected school
places/western canadian arctic/copper inuit holman island practice drum singing
places/western canadian arctic/emily kudlak inuit woman children small sled
places/western canadian arctic/inuit girls fur hoods street
places/western canadian arctic/young inuit girls dressed fur hoods street
places/western canadian arctic/inuit carver works soapstone carving
places/western canadian arctic/george okheena
places/western canadian arctic/inuit women traditional clothes watch drum singing
places/western canadian arctic/inuit artist mable nigiyak works print
places/western canadian arctic/musk oxen snowy slope victoria island
places/western canadian arctic/musk oxen bulls face tense moment
places/western canadian arctic/roy inuktalik
places/western canadian arctic/musk oxen bull stands ground large rock
places/western canadian arctic/musk oxen long coats blowing snow laden wind
places/western canadian arctic/musk oxen ovibos moschatus gallops snow covered
places/western canadian arctic/musk oxen ovibos moschatus gallop snow covered
places/western canadian arctic/musk oxen ovibos moschatus
places/western canadian arctic/female caribou rest frozen lake spring migration
places/western canadian arctic/traditional slavey indian dene snowshoes propped
plants trees/trees/trees island frosty morning mist
plants trees/trees/early autumn colours river near kuusamo russian
plants trees/trees/birch trees tundra sunrise near lovozero
plants trees/trees/snow covered larch trees winter sunshine
plants trees/trees/snow covered larch trees winter sunshine near
plants trees/trees/dusk winters day forest shaman
plants trees/trees/snow lies trunks branches larch birch trees
plants trees/trees/forest larch trees covered hoar frost
places/siberia/nenets man harnesses draught reindeer herders
places/siberia/tame reindeer follows nenets woman walking camp
places/siberia/herders reindeer travelling tundra
places/siberia/yakut horse
places/siberia/lena potapova sisters varya tanya look
places/siberia/dolgan reindeer herders travelling tundra winter
places/siberia/view coastline dramatic rock formation
places/siberia/icicles roof russian orthodox church
places/siberia/spectacular rock formation cape tegettoff hall
places/siberia/chukchi hunters travelling uelen dezhnovka
places/siberia/chukchi hunter geora eymetitin driving dog sled
places/siberia/chukchi youth traditional clothes riding reindeer
animals/seals/adult harp seals hang pack ice
animals/seals/adult harp seal stands water look curiously
places/russia yamal/barred window barrack building
places/russia yamal/remains barrack building prisoners


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