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31 Oct 2006

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places/russia verkhoyansk/mountains verkhoyansk range winter near batagay
places/russia tuva/mountain strean azas national reserve
places/russia taymyr/group dolgan nganasan people dressed
places/russia taymyr/warmly dressed people street centre dudinka
places/russia moose farming/nina kudravseyka feeding oatmeal bull moose called
places/russia moose farming/pied wagtail picking insects off adult
places/russia moose farming/olga salomasova milking moose sumarakova moose
places/russia magadan/members koryak dance group evensk
places/russia kola peninsula/sami women wearing replicas traditional kola peninsula
places/russia kamchatka/chukchi reindeer herder sergei elevye bull
places/russia franz josef land/grave anton krisch wilczek island
places/russia evenkiya/young evenks riding draft reindeer surinda
places/russia evenkiya/andrei dulubchin evenk man hunting taiga
places/russia evenkiya/wooden houses evenk village surinda
places/russia evenkiya/evenk man riding draft reindeer forest
places/russia chukotka/docks anadyr
places/russia chukotka/walrus ivory carving
places/russia chukotka/cotton grass summer tundra july
places/russia/vodka traditional russian foods table
places/russia/homemade making samagon
places/russia/russian family make toast celebratory
animals/reindeer/newborn reindeer calf walks alongside mother
animals/reindeer/bull reindeer traces velvet antlers
animals/reindeer/bull reindeer trots clearing boreal forest
animals/reindeer/bell reindeer antlers silhouetted sunset
places/qaanaaq/small inuit village savissivik meteorite island
places/qaanaaq/group inuit hunters haul dead walrus
places/qaanaaq/inuit boys playing traditional tug of war game
places/qaanaaq/inuit hunter masautsiak eipe repairing kayak
places/qaanaaq/annie petersen sewing sealskin kamik outside house
places/qaanaaq/inuit elder kalersaq duneq eating raw liver
places/qaanaaq/inuit sharing meal muktuk
places/qaanaaq/dead narwhal long tooth lies beach qeqertat
places/qaanaaq/aerial view u
places/qaanaaq/inuit children village savissivik
animals/polar bears canada/hot polar bear decides cool off immersing tide
animals/polar bears canada/female polar bear walks sea ice near cape
animals/polar bears canada/polar bear falls autumn sea ice
animals/polar bears canada/curious polar bears investigate tundra buggy
animals/polar bears canada/adult male polar bear stands look people tundra
animals/polar bears canada/female snowy owl nyctea scandiaca canada
animals/polar bears canada/polar bears marked numbers scavenge rubbish
animals/polar bears canada/polar bear mother shields mauled cub
animals/polar bears canada/polar bear mother stands mauled cub
animals/polar bears canada/polar bear stands hind legs better view
places/pacific islands/yapese woman traditional grass skirts
places/pacific islands/women say goodbye ship prepares leave ifalik atoll
places/pacific islands/family homestead satawal island
places/pacific islands/boys prepare sail outrigger canoe fish woleai
places/pacific islands/morning surgery ngulu atoll
places/norway/sami women traditional clothes share prayer book
places/newfoundland/head live humpback whale covered fishing net
places/newfoundland/water streams off tail humpback whale dives
places/newfoundland/fishing boats iced rose blanche
places/mali/dogon village tireli bandiagara escarpment
places/mali/dogon masked dancer character fulani warrior
places/mali/barawega dogon woman nursing children
places/mali/granaries caves cliff face dogon
places/labrador canada/elderly innu couple window home davis inlet
places/labrador canada/aerial view snow covered boreal forest labrador
places/labrador canada/innu community davis inlet autumn
places/labrador canada/tent innu hunting camp enen makes bannock wood
people/kautokeino/sami man drives reindeer sled easter reindeer
people/kautokeino/sami bride bridegroom wedding group outside church
people/kautokeino/sami boy girl traditional clothing
people/kautokeino/sami mother child pull baby komse
people/kautokeino/sami girls congratulate confirmation service
people/kautokeino/cornering speed arctic cat snowmobile
people/kautokeino/sami girl wears traditional jewelry clothes
people/kautokeino/sami reindeer herder uses hessian round reindeer
people/kautokeino/sami herder nils peter reindeer calf lassoed
people/kautokeino/sami reindeer herder nils peter lassos reindeer
places/jukkasjarvi/sami man traditional clothing leads reindeer
places/jukkasjarvi/30c swedish paratroopers cool off snow sauna
people/irian jaya/yali girl grooms friend head lice
people/irian jaya/yali man penis sheath rattan hoops
people/irian jaya/yali men dancing rattan hoops penis sheaths
people/irian jaya/yali woman gives child ride shoulders
people/irian jaya/yali men wearing penis sheaths village heluk
people/irian jaya/yali boy carries garden produce village
people/irian jaya/yali village holuwon
various/inuit kayaks/minus 32 degrees celsius
various/inuit kayaks/jess qujaukitsok paddles kayak round tidal
various/inuit kayaks/ole petersen white whale harpooned kayak
various/inuit kayaks/inuit hunter uses dog sled transport kayak ice
people/inuit children/inuit girl
people/inuit children/arnanguaq qujaukitsok
people/inuit children/warmly dressed inuit children play toboggans
people/inuit children/jess imina
people/inuit children/inuit boy returning home sled twilight
various/inns court/making judges barristers wigs bar room ede
places/india/kashmiri flower seller boat lake nagin
places/india/kashmiri flower seller shikara boat lake nagin
homes/igloos/inuit hunter avataq henson kneels outside igloo
homes/igloos/fur clad inuk qaaviganguaq builds igloo
homes/igloos/inuk avataq stands snow block builds igloo
icebergs/dawn large iceberg nordvest fjord
icebergs/icebergs float hematite rich red slopes
icebergs/angular slabs tabular iceberg hall bredning


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