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31 Oct 2006

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places/russia taymyr/velodeya turdalgin
places/russia magadan/view moutain scenery kolyma highway north magadan
places/russia evenkiya/snow covered wooden houses evenki village surinda
places/russia evenkiya/evenk woman riding reindeer taiga
places/russia/russian woman making samagon
animals/reindeer/reindeer winter pastures verkhoyansk mountain
places/qaanaaq/inuit family eating traditional foods birthday
places/qaanaaq/inuit couple sitting outside igloo northwest
places/qaanaaq/inuit couple sitting outside igloo northwest
places/qaanaaq/elizabeth hansen
places/qaanaaq/inuit fishing hole sea ice halibut
places/qaanaaq/inuit hunter peter peary puts line walrus killed
animals/polar bears canada/arctic fox dances resting polar bear
animals/polar bears/polar bear walks sea ice blowing snow sunset
places/pacific islands/women ifalik atoll gather beach watch
places/pacific islands/young yapese girl ifalik atoll
places/north pole/russian nuclear icebreaker
places/north pole/sign north pole planted summer sea ice pressure
places/north pole/ice filled macks bay
places/newfoundland/prof jon lien releasing humpback whale trapped
places/mali/dogon cave painting
places/mali/dogon cave paintings
places/mali/dogon masked dancer stilts
places/labrador canada/innu children playing outside autumn day
people/kautokeino/young saami girls traditional costume outside
people/kautokeino/sami family karasjok pose traditional clothing
people/kautokeino/sami mattis sara helps nicholas tyler
people/kautokeino/sami man wearing traditional clothes easter reindeer
people/kautokeino/sami woman reindeer herder
people/kautokeino/sami reindeer herder uses hessian round reindeer
people/kautokeino/sami reindeer herder aslak lassoes reindeer corral
people/kautokeino/sami reindeer herder nils peter selects reindeer
people/kautokeino/sami reindeer herders castrate reindeer corral
people/kautokeino/sami women traditional clothing wedding kautokeino
places/jukkasjarvi/isolated cabin mountains natvik winter
places/jukkasjarvi/30c swedish paratroopers cool off snow sauna
people/irian jaya/yali girl wearing cape pandanus leaves rain
people/irian jaya/oropa yali woman seng valley pigs
people/irian jaya/yali tribesmen kill pig bow arrow
various/inuit kayaks/inuit hunter qitdlak duneq skin kajak
various/inuit kayaks/inuit hunter jes qujaukitsok kayak
various/inuit kayaks/32 celsius inuit hunter paddles kayak near cape
people/inuit children/eqilana simigaq inuit woman carries son sealskin
people/inuit children/inuit child plays pinnacle small iceberg
various/inns court/dining night lincolns inn
homes/igloos/fur clad inuk qaaviganguaq inside igloo
homes/igloos/qaaviganguaq inuit hunter builds igloo
homes/igloos/inuit hunter avataq henson kneels outside igloo
icebergs/iceberg calm sea scoresbysund fiord
icebergs/open water melting ice floes off coast saunders
icebergs/frazil ice surrounds grounded icebergs low autumn
icebergs/icebergs floating inglefield bay autumn twilight
homes/huts/whalebone hut used admiral peary fort conger
historic arctic prints/map showing ilulissat ice fiord worlds
historic arctic prints/captain james cook
historic arctic prints/fine engraving reindeer antler sheath sami knife
historic arctic prints/sami pahkakuppi
historic arctic prints/explorer john ross meets polar eskimos 1817 near
historic arctic prints/inuit snow goggles caribou antler
historic arctic prints/inuit soapstone carving seal
historic arctic prints/scrimshaw carved whalers
people/game keepers/liver white english springer spaniel hunting
people/game keepers/lord lady biddulph keeper party
people/fox hunting/portman hunt meets fontmell parva house
people/fox hunting/master portman hunt e
places/finland/sea lion fountain 4 havis amanda mermaid statue
places/ellesmere island/pack ice mountains orographic cumulus clouds
places/ellesmere island/arctic hare lepus arcticus summer coat ellesmere
places/east greenland/keith robinson beach eleonora bay
people/cree/cree boy camp given bath half oil drum mother
people/cree/cree woman elizabeth brien beaver skin stretched
people/cree/portrait cree indian woman elizabeth brien
people/cree/cree woman elizabeth brien preparing beaver
people/cree/cree hunter abel brien setting leg hold trap
people/cree/forests lakes canadian shield
people/cree/cree hunter geese shot
places/canada/northern lights aurora borealis taiga
places/british pictures/life bottle wine lighting cobwebs
various/bits/bernard whelan heraldic scrivener work college
aurora/aurora borealis spirals boreal forest
places/western canadian arctic/inuit settlement holman island curves bay
plants trees/trees/spruce trees covered snow winter lake bourinot
plants trees/trees/snow covered boreal forest reflected waters lake
plants trees/trees/autumn colours birch aspen trees kemijarvi
plants trees/trees/birch tree tundra sunrise near lovozero
plants trees/trees/birch tree covered hoar frost snow
plants trees/trees/winter sunrise larch trees coated hoar frost yamal
places/siberia/aerial view taiga
places/siberia/nenets reindeer herders winter camp boreal forest
places/russia western siberia/tundra nenets reindeer herders check fish net set
places/russia western siberia/group khanty forest nenets women eating raw
places/russia western siberia/wolverine tracks snow tundra near numto
places/russia verkhoyansk/young yakut girls waiting bus city yakutsk
places/russia verkhoyansk/lena potapova walks school verkhoyansk minus
places/russia verkhoyansk/lena potapova carrying frozen milk home
places/russia verkhoyansk/street scene verkhoyansk
places/russia verkhoyansk/street scene verkhoyansk
places/russia verkhoyansk/yakut herders feeding hay horses near verkhoyansk
places/russia verkhoyansk/winter sunset taiga near verkhoyansk


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