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30 Oct 2006

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1633 Items

people/inuit children/inuit children taqqaugaq family dressed caribou
Inuit children of the Taqqaugaq family dressed in caribou
homes/igloos/tatigat inuk
Tatigat, an inuk
places/eastern canadian arctic/first air boeing 727 jet plane runway iqaluit
A First Air Boeing 727 Jet Plane on the runway at Iqaluit Airport
landscapes/antarctic landscapes/sun set adelie penquins bellingshausen
Sun set over Adelie Penquins on Bellingshausen Is
places/eastern canadian arctic/14 year old caesar arnatsiaq poses caribou just
14 year old, Caesar Arnatsiaq, poses with a caribou he has just shot
places/eastern canadian arctic/british airways jet en route arizona makes
A British Airways jet en route to Arizona makes an
places/alaska/tugs manoevering oil tanker arco fairbanks near
Tugs manoevering an oil tanker, Arco Fairbanks, near Valdez
places/eastern canadian arctic/visitor arctic uses outdoor toilet screened
Visitor to the Arctic uses an outdoor toilet screened
places/eastern canadian arctic/inuit mother children traditional baffin island
Inuit mother and her children in traditional Baffin Island dress
places/eastern canadian arctic/inuit community cape dorset
The Inuit community of Cape Dorset
places/antarctica/c130 equipped skis takes off patriot hills
C130 equipped with skis takes off at Patriot Hills
places/alaska/inupiaq eskimo woman face framed fur hood parka
Inupiaq (Eskimo) woman, her face framed by a fur hood on her parka
animals/penguins/adelie penguin
Adelie Penguin
homes/huts/mawsons hut cape dennison commonwealth bay
Mawson's Hut at Cape Dennison on Commonwealth Bay
places/antarctica/large snow blower clearing snow off blue ice
Large Snow Blower clearing snow off the Blue Ice Runway
places/antarctica/postcards stamps ckops south pole station
Postcards with stamps/ckops from the South Pole Station
places/antarctica/c130 equipped skis skiway patriot hills
C130 equipped with skis on the skiway at Patriot Hills
places/antarctica/runners competing 2006 antarctic ice marathon
The Runners competing in the 2006 Antarctic Ice Marathon
places/antarctica/norwegian mountaineer prepares ropes climb
Norwegian mountaineer prepares the ropes for his climb
places/antarctica/emperor penguin adult stretches yawns sea ice
Emperor Penguin adult stretches and yawns on the sea ice at Atka Bay
places/antarctica/emperor penguin adult fed chick ice
Emperor Penguin Adult and well fed chick by the ice
places/antarctica/line sleeping emperor penguin chicks little alert
A line of sleeping Emperor Penguin chicks, one is a little more alert
places/antarctica/packing cases supplies kitchen area scotts
Packing cases and supplies in the kitchen area of Scott's
places/antarctica/king penguin pair colony st andrews bay
King Penguin pair by the colony at St Andrews Bay
landscapes/antarctic landscapes/small iceberg off cuverville island anvers island
Small iceberg off Cuverville Island with Anvers Island as a backdrop
animals/montana/gray wolf adult male stands snow covered spruce
Gray Wolf. Adult male stands amongst snow covered spruce
places/alaska/tomcod microgradus proximus hanging outside
Tomcod (Microgradus proximus) hanging outside on a
places/alaska/racing huskies training run pulling hard hot
Racing huskies out for a training run, pulling hard, and very hot
places/alaska/white crosses graveyard seen low winter light
White crosses in the graveyard seen in low winter light
people/inuit children/inuit children taqqaugaq family dressed caribou
Inuit children of the Taqqaugaq family dressed in caribou
people/inuit children/inuit children girl dressed traditional caribou
Inuit children girl dressed in traditional caribou skin clothing
icebergs/pointed iceberg seen hole iceberg near pleneau
Pointed iceberg seen through a hole in an iceberg near Pleneau Island
places/eastern canadian arctic/inuit settlement igloolik start polar night
The Inuit settlement of Igloolik before the start of Polar Night
places/eastern canadian arctic/interior traditional inuit turf house
Interior of traditional Inuit turf house
places/eastern canadian arctic/ulu traditional inuit womans knife
An Ulu, a traditional Inuit woman's knife which
places/eastern canadian arctic/inuit women use ulu scrape fat seal skins
Inuit women use an ulu to scrape fat from seal skins
places/eastern canadian arctic/purple saxifrage first tundra plants
Purple saxifrage is one of the first tundra plants
places/eastern canadian arctic/aakuainuk inuit hunter dressed traditional
Aakuainuk, an Inuit hunter dressed in traditional caribou
places/antarctica/robert smalley associate set gps receiver
Robert Smalley & associate set up a GPS receiver collecting
landscapes/antarctic landscapes/ice cliff edge riiser larsen ice shelf
Ice Cliff on the edge of the Riiser Larsen Ice shelf
places/alaska/tlingit master carver nathan jackson totem carving
Tlingit master carver Nathan Jackson by a totem he is carving
animals/walrus/male walrus haul
Male Walrus at a haul out
people/inuit children/recess inuit boys play snow outside
During recess Inuit boys play in the snow outside their
homes/igloos/john ululijarnaat
John Ululijarnaat
places/eastern canadian arctic/inuit woman girls drives past snow scooter
Inuit woman with two girls drives past on her snow scooter
places/eastern canadian arctic/houses inuit village mittimatalik
Houses in the Inuit village of Mittimatalik
places/eastern canadian arctic/group igloos built igloolik island
A group of igloos being built on Igloolik Island
places/eastern canadian arctic/qaggiqlarge communal feasting igloo built
A Qaggiq,(large communal feasting igloo) built out
places/eastern canadian arctic/qaggiq large communal igloo feasts built
A Qaggiq (large communal igloo for feasts) built
places/eastern canadian arctic/qaggiq large communal feasting igloo
A Qaggiq (large communal feasting igloo) made
places/eastern canadian arctic/aipilik inuit hunter fox furs
Aipilik, Inuit hunter in fox furs
places/eastern canadian arctic/aipilik inuit hunter uses ice chisel make
Aipilik, an Inuit hunter uses an ice chisel to make
places/eastern canadian arctic/inuk hunter aims rifle seal prow freighter canoe
An Inuk hunter aims his rifle at a seal from the prow of a freighter canoe. Igloolik
places/eastern canadian arctic/inuit father son travelling snowmobile sea
An Inuit father & son travelling by snowmobile on sea
places/eastern canadian arctic/igloo shaped church iqaluit capital nunavut
The igloo shaped church in Iqaluit, the capital of Nunavut
places/antarctica/david rootes antarctic logistics expeditions
David Rootes from Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions
landscapes/antarctic landscapes/blue ice ellsworth mountains
Blue ice in front of the Ellsworth Mountains
landscapes/antarctic landscapes/graves abandoned bas station whaling station
Graves at the now abandoned BAS station and Whaling station
animals/montana/gray wolf adult male defending food snarl
Gray Wolf. Adult male defending his food with a snarl
places/alaska/owl pole saxman native totem park shaman
The Owl Pole at the Saxman Native Totem Park is about a shaman
places/alaska/tlingit carver lee wallace works new totem pole
Tlingit carver Lee Wallace works on a new totem pole
places/alaska/alaskan eskimo bright new snowmobile
Alaskan Eskimo on a bright new snowmobile
places/alaska/karen sinnok counter shishmaref native store
Karen Sinnok behind the counter at the Shishmaref Native Store
places/alaska/caribou graze tundra near oil rig prudhoe bay
Caribou graze on the tundra near an oil rig at Prudhoe Bay
places/alaska/oil pipes prudhoe bay refinery north slope alaska
Oil pipes at the Prudhoe Bay Refinery on the North Slope, Alaska, USA
places/alaska/oil pipes drilling rig endicott island prudhoe
Oil pipes and drilling rig on Endicott Island, Prudhoe Bay
places/alaska/inupiaqeskimo women adjust parkas best parka
Inupiaq(Eskimo) women adjust their parkas for the best Parka contest
animals/walrus/male walrus dispute haul round island
Male Walrus in a dispute at a haul out on Round Island
animals/walrus/walruses lie beach summer haul
Walruses lie on beach at summer haul out
animals/walrus/male walrus off round island alaska u
Male Walrus off Round Island Alaska, U
animals/walrus/male walrus haul round island
Male walrus at a haul out on Round Island
animals/seals/leopard seal water submerged iceberg near danco
Leopard Seal in water over a submerged iceberg near Danco Island
animals/seals/bull elephant seal pushes face deep sand beach
Bull Elephant Seal pushes his face deep into the sand of the beach
animals/seals/bull elephant seal rests grass old boat
Bull Elephant Seal rests on the grass in front of an old boat
animals/seals/southern elephant seal weaner beach fortuna bay
Southern Elephant seal weaner on the beach at Fortuna Bay
animals/seals/weddell seals whiskers curl sleeps sea ice
Weddell seals' whiskers curl as it sleeps on the sea ice
animals/seals/antarctic fur seal pup
Antarctic Fur Seal pup
animals/seals/antarctic fur seal pup
Antarctic Fur Seal pup
animals/seals/elephant seal weaners sleep beach fortuna bay
Elephant seal weaners sleep on the beach at Fortuna Bay
animals/seals/crabeater seal basking iceberg paradise bay
A Crabeater Seal basking on an iceberg in Paradise Bay
animals/seals/young ringed seal phoca hispida sea ice
A Young Ringed Seal, Phoca hispida, on sea ice
animals/seals/young ringed seal phoca hispida sea ice
A Young Ringed Seal, Phoca hispida, on sea ice
animals/penguins/adult emperor penguin bends head hungry chick
Adult Emperor Penguin bends its head over a hungry chick
animals/penguins/emperor penguin adults bend heads chick
Emperor Penguin adults bend their heads over a chick
animals/penguins/emperor penguins rest low evening light floe edge
Two Emperor Penguins rest in low evening light on the floe edge
animals/penguins/adelie penguins rest sculptural form iceberg
Adelie Penguins rest on the sculptural form of an iceberg
animals/penguins/adelie penguin throws long shadow evening light
Adelie Penguin throws a long shadow in evening light
animals/penguins/male rockhopper penguin gives ecstatic display
Male Rockhopper Penguin gives an ecstatic display to
animals/penguins/chinstrap penquin greets mate half moon island
A Chinstrap penquin greets its mate on Half Moon Island, Antarctica
animals/penguins/adelie penquins ice floe paulet island antarctica
Adelie penquins on an ice floe at Paulet Island, Antarctica
animals/penguins/adelie penguins study nest site paulet island
Adelie Penguins study their nest site on Paulet Island
animals/penguins/gentoo penquin chicks leith south georgia sub
A Gentoo penquin with chicks at Leith, South Georgia, Sub Antarctica
animals/penguins/emperor penguins bend heads chick
Emperor Penguins bend their heads over their chick
people/inuit children/inuit girl playing model igloo headstart
Inuit girl playing with a model igloo in the Headstart
By moonlight
icebergs/icicles hang edge small blue iceberg
Icicles hang from the edge of a small blue iceberg
icebergs/layers ice iceberg
layers of ice at the bottom of an iceberg
icebergs/dark blue ice cave iceberg flutter rookery
Dark Blue of an ice cave in an iceberg at the Flutter Rookery
places/eastern canadian arctic/traditionally dressed young inuit women sing old
Traditionally dressed young Inuit women sing old songs


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