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people/yak herders/herders daughter watches herd yaks
Herder's daughter watches the herd of Yaks
places/yukon/hanging sign outside shop buys sells gold dawson
Hanging sign outside a shop that buys & sells Gold in Dawson City
people/world reinder herders assoc/russian woman carries cat sunday stroll nadym
A Russian woman carries her cat during a Sunday stroll in Nadym
people/yak herders/yaks climb kongka nonpo la pass
Yaks climb Kongka-Nonpo-La Pass
places/west greenland/adult juvenile seagulls off iceberg
Adult and Juvenile Seagulls take off from the top of an Iceberg
places/svalbard/polar bear defecates near seal partially eaten
Polar bear defecates near a seal it has partially eaten Nelson Oya
places/svalbard/brunnichs guillemots ledges alkefjellet
Brunnich's Guillemots on ledges at Alkefjellet
places/svalbard/bust lenin bright wooden apartment block
Bust of Lenin and bright wooden apartment block in
places/svalbard/brightly coloured wooden homes shopping centre
Brightly coloured wooden homes by the shopping centre
places/svalbard/female polar bear climbs sea ice floe
Female Polar Bear climbs out of the sea onto an ice floe
places/svalbard/brightly coloured homes midnight longyearbyen
Brightly coloured homes at midnight in Longyearbyen Spitsbergen
places/svalbard/spectacular mountain scenery hornsund fjord
The spectacular mountain scenery of Hornsund Fjord, Spitsbergen
places/svalbard/brightly coloured buildings longyearbyen main
Brightly coloured buildings in Longyearbyen the main
animals/salmon/terrier duffle bag
Terrier in duffle bag
animals/salmon/michael smith casting long fly line
Michael Smith casting a long fly line
people/yak herders/woman yak herder
A woman yak herder
animals/zoo living coasts/king eider male breeding plumage gives courtship
King Eider Male in his breeding plumage gives his courtship display
animals/zoo living coasts/tufted puffin flying underwater chases small fish
Tufted Puffin flying underwater as he chases small fish
animals/zoo living coasts/common murre guillemot swimming flying underwater
Common Murre or Guillemot swimming by flying underwater
animals/zoo living coasts/macaroni penguins swimming underwater living
Macaroni Penguins swimming underwater at Living Coasts
animals/zoo living coasts/macaroni penguin portrait
Macaroni penguin portrait
animals/zoo living coasts/gentoo penguin swims flying underwater
Gentoo Penguin swims by flying underwater
animals/zoo living coasts/common murre guillemot swimming underwater
Common Murre or Guillemot swimming underwater
places/yukon/gaslight follies theatre dawson city
The Gaslight Follies theatre in Dawson City
people/yak herders/yak herder leads yak himalayan peaks
Yak herder leads a Yak among the Himalayan peaks
places/jokkmokk market/clasp sami birch bark backpack
Detail of the clasp on a sami birch bark backpack
animals/zoo living coasts/male common eider water
Male Common Eider on the water
animals/zoo living coasts/lines redshanks shore
Lines of redshanks on the shore
animals/zoo living coasts/redshank relaxed mode walks shallow water
Redshank in relaxed mode walks about in shallow water
animals/zoo living coasts/male tufted puffin stretches wings
Male Tufted Puffin stretches his wings
animals/zoo living coasts/portrait spectacled eider swim
Portrait of a Spectacled Eider after a swim
animals/zoo living coasts/redshank feeding waters edge
Redshank feeding at the water's edge
animals/zoo living coasts/tufted puffin breeding plumage
Tufted Puffin in his breeding plumage
animals/zoo living coasts/common tern standing sand
Common Tern standing on sand
animals/zoo living coasts/pigeon guillemot
Pigeon Guillemot
animals/zoo living coasts/portrait gentoo penguin flies underwater
Portrait of Gentoo penguin as it flies underwater
animals/zoo living coasts/gentoo penguin flies underwater
Gentoo penguin flies underwater
animals/zoo living coasts/spectacled eider duck drake
Spectacled Eider duck and drake
animals/zoo living coasts/red legged kittiwake
Red legged Kittiwake
animals/zoo living coasts/pigeon guillemot
Pigeon Guillemot
animals/zoo living coasts/pigeon guillemot cepphus columba breeding plumage
Pigeon Guillemot, Cepphus columba in breeding plumage, takes a wash
animals/zoo living coasts/common murre guillemot
Common Murre or Guillemot
animals/zoo living coasts/gentoo penguin portrait clearly shows white headbar
Gentoo penguin portrait clearly shows the white headbar and yellow beak. C
animals/zoo living coasts/penguins artificial nesting burrow penguin
Penguins with artificial nesting burrow on Penguin
places/yukon/autumn colour viewed dempster highway
Autumn colour viewed from the Dempster Highway
places/yukon/snow covered sign yukon dempster highway
Snow covered sign for Yukon on the Dempster Highway
places/yukon/open cast gold mining dredger bonanza creek
Open cast gold mining with a dredger at Bonanza Creek
places/yukon/view autumn landscape dempster highway
View of Autumn landscape from the Dempster Highway
places/yukon/view dawson city yukon river autumn
View of Dawson City & The Yukon River in the autumn
places/yukon/memorial participants klondike gold rush
Memorial to the participants in the Klondike Gold Rush
places/yukon/buildings dawson slump footings
Buildings in Dawson slump together where their footings
places/yukon/klondike kates cafe
Klondike Kate's Cafe
places/yukon/tombestone valley autumn colour
The Tombestone Valley in autumn colour
places/yukon/blackstone river valley dempster highway fall
The Blackstone River Valley from the Dempster Highway in Fall colours
places/yukon/spruce birch covered hillside fall
Spruce & Birch covered hillside in the Fall
places/yukon/view dempster hwy just eagle plains
View from the Dempster Hwy just by Eagle Plains
places/yukon/autumn colours north eagle plains
Autumn colours north of Eagle Plains
places/yukon/tundra flora autumn reindeer moss dwarf birch
Tundra flora in autumn, reindeer moss & dwarf birch
places/yukon/autumn colours
Autumn colours
places/yukon/tombstone valley autumn colour
The Tombstone Valley in autumn colour
places/yellowstone np/bison walk past thermal area fountain paintpots
Bison walk past the thermal area at Fountain Paintpots
places/yellowstone np/bison grazes island steaming firehole river
Bison grazes on an island in the steaming Firehole River
places/yellowstone np/ghost trees covered frost hot springs
Ghost Trees covered with frost from the hot springs
people/yak herders/yak herder leads yak himalayan peaks
Yak herder leads a Yak among the Himalayan peaks
people/yak herders/yak herder leads yak snow covered nimaling plateau
Yak herder leads Yak across snow covered Nimaling Plateau
people/yak herders/woman yak herder wears head dress turquoise
Woman Yak herder wears a head-dress of turquoise
people/yak herders/snow covers yak herders summer shelters
Snow covers the Yak herders summer shelters
people/yak herders/woman firewood snow covered yaks
A woman with firewood and snow covered Yaks
people/yak herders/ploughing pair dzos
Ploughing with a pair of Dzos
people/yak herders/herders wife ladles yak milk skin
Herder's wife ladles Yak milk into a skin
places/ungava bay canada/selection ulus inuit womans knife
A selection of Ulus (Inuit woman's knife)
places/ungava bay canada/inuit hunter stands snowmobile sled
Inuit hunter stands beside his snowmobile and sled
places/usa/silver torch cactus spring flowers sonoran
Silver Torch Cactus amongst Spring flowers in the Sonoran
people/siberut/mentawai medicine man stands broken bulldozer
Mentawai medicine man stands on broken bulldozer in his rainforest
people/siberut/mentawai man carries pig pay medicine men cure
Mentawai man carries a pig to pay medicine men for a cure
people/siberut/mentawai medicine man gathering medicinal plants
Mentawai Medicine Man gathering medicinal plants in the rainforest
people/siberut/mentawai girl watches door uma
Mentawai girl watches from the door of the Uma
animals/seabirds/tufted puffin flying underwater feeds small fish
Tufted Puffin flying underwater as he feeds on small fish
animals/salmon/mandy max kiss river love tweed cap
Mandy and Max kiss by the river, love with a tweed cap
places/jokkmokk market/portrait pretty sami girl traditional hat
Portrait of pretty Sami girl in a traditional hat
places/jokkmokk market/sami girls traditional costume sell dried fish
Sami girls in traditional costume sell dried fish at
places/jokkmokk market/craft stall jokkmokk winter market sami market
Craft stall at the Jokkmokk Winter Market, a Sami market
places/jokkmokk market/traditional sami wooden cups sale jokkmokk winter
Traditional sami wooden cups on sale at the Jokkmokk Winter Market
places/jokkmokk market/sami cook inside smokey tent lavvu jokkmokk
Sami cook inside a smokey tent (lavvu) at the Jokkmokk Winter Market
places/jokkmokk market/sami reindeer herder traditional clothing lasso
Sami reindeer herder in traditional clothing with his lasso
places/jokkmokk market/sami girls chat friends mobile phones
Sami girls chat to their friends on their mobile phones
places/jokkmokk market/sami girls traditional clothing sled
Sami girls in traditional clothing together in the back of a sled
places/jokkmokk market/man fox skin hat complete mask sami winter market
Man in a fox skin hat, complete with mask at the Sami Winter Market
places/jokkmokk market/sami bracelets reindeer leather braided pewter
Sami bracelets made from reindeer leather and braided pewter wire
places/jokkmokk market/market stall holder wolf skin coat bear paw chest
Market stall holder in a wolf skin coat with a bear paw on his chest
places/jokkmokk market/sami girl fur trimmed hat traditional sami craft
Sami girl in fur trimmed hat at the traditional sami craft market
places/jokkmokk market/portrait pretty sami girl traditional hat
Portrait of pretty Sami girl in a traditional hat
various/bits/gas drilling platform north sea severe winter
A gas drilling platform in the North Sea during a severe winter storm
plants trees/arctic flowers/svalbard poppy papaver dahlianum frames view
Svalbard Poppy, Papaver Dahlianum frames a view of Adventdalen
various/winnipeg xmas lights/illuminated santa christmas decorations
An illuminated Santa is part of the Christmas decorations
places/tay river/commercial netsman removes atlantic salmon stake
Commercial Netsman removes an Atlantic Salmon from a Stake Net
places/svalbard/bedroom looking like trappers hut rough wood
Bedroom looking like trappers hut with rough wood


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