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Historic Arctic Prints

A collection of Historic Arctic Prints images

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historic arctic prints/clothing worn crew member admiral tegethoff
Clothing worn by crew member of the Admiral Tegethoff
#media dmcs-1597939
historic arctic prints/soapstone carving woman baby amaut
Soapstone carving of a woman with a baby in her amaut
#media dmcs-1597973
historic arctic prints/map arctic ocean showing mountain north pole
Map of the Arctic Ocean showing a mountain at the North Pole
#media dmcs-1597979
historic arctic prints/print inuk kayak hunting narwhal
Print of an Inuk in a kayak hunting a Narwhal
#media dmcs-1597949
historic arctic prints/fine engraving reindeer antler sheath sami knife
Fine engraving on the reindeer antler sheath of a sami knife
#media dmcs-1597977
historic arctic prints/explorer john ross meets polar eskimos 1817
Explorer John Ross meets Polar Eskimos in 1817 near Cape York
#media dmcs-1597961
historic arctic prints/inuit snow goggles caribou antler
Inuit snow goggles of caribou antler
#media dmcs-1597955
historic arctic prints/map showing ilulissat ice fiord worlds
Map showing Ilulissat Ice Fiord with the World's
#media dmcs-1598005
historic arctic prints/captain james cook
Captain James Cook
#media dmcs-1598003
historic arctic prints/crew dogs admiral tegethoff return seal hunt
Crew & dogs from the Admiral Tegethoff return from a seal hunt
#media dmcs-1598001
historic arctic prints/crew members dogs admiral tegethoff
Crew members and dogs from the Admiral Tegethoff
#media dmcs-1597999
historic arctic prints/tromso 1872 admiral tegethoff took captain
Tromso 1872, where the Admiral Tegethoff took on her captain
#media dmcs-1597997
historic arctic prints/crew doomed hansa ice floe
Crew of the doomed Hansa on an ice floe
#media dmcs-1597993
historic arctic prints/crew doomed hansa polar bear cub tethered anchor
Crew of the doomed Hansa with Polar bear cub tethered to an anchor
#media dmcs-1597991
historic arctic prints/crew doomed hansa hunting polar bear food
Crew of the doomed Hansa hunting polar bear for food
#media dmcs-1597989
historic arctic prints/crew germania encounter polar bear
Crew of the Germania encounter a polar bear in their
#media dmcs-1597987
historic arctic prints/crew doomed hansa skating sea ice
Crew of the doomed Hansa skating on sea ice
#media dmcs-1597985
historic arctic prints/admiral tegethoff locked sea ice moonlight
The Admiral Tegethoff locked into sea ice, in moonlight
#media dmcs-1597983
historic arctic prints/crew germania sledge accident
Crew of the Germania have a sledge accident
#media dmcs-1597981
historic arctic prints/sami pahkakuppi
Sami Pahkakuppi
#media dmcs-1597975
historic arctic prints/boats swell ice
Boats in a swell amongst the ice
#media dmcs-1597971
historic arctic prints/portrait sir john franklin
Portrait of Sir John Franklin
#media dmcs-1597967
historic arctic prints/whale melville bay
The Whale in Melville Bay
#media dmcs-1597965
historic arctic prints/engraving inuit skin umiaks
Engraving of Inuit in skin Umiaks
#media dmcs-1597959
historic arctic prints/portrait sir william edward parry
A portrait of Sir (William) Edward Parry
#media dmcs-1597957
historic arctic prints/19th century print breaching greenland whale
19th century print of a breaching Greenland Whale being
#media dmcs-1597945
historic arctic prints/inuit soapstone carving seal
Inuit Soapstone carving of a seal
#media dmcs-1597943
historic arctic prints/scrimshaw carved whalers
Scrimshaw carved by whalers
#media dmcs-1597941
historic arctic prints/departure crew hansa friedrichstal
Departure of the crew of the 'Hansa' from Friedrichstal
#media dmcs-1597995
historic arctic prints/pressing shore kennedy channel
Pressing on shore in Kennedy Channel
#media dmcs-1597969
historic arctic prints/inuit igloolik region hunting kajaks
Inuit of the Igloolik region hunting in kajaks
#media dmcs-1597963
historic arctic prints/tupilak ivory depicting creature whale mouth
Tupilak in ivory depicting a creature with a whale in its mouth
#media dmcs-1597953
historic arctic prints/capt john rosss first meeting eskimos expedition
Capt John Ross's first meeting the eskimos on his expedition of 1818
#media dmcs-1597951
historic arctic prints/19th century print greenland whale approached
19th century print of a Greenland Whale being approached by a catcher boat
#media dmcs-1597947